Past The 2 Hours!

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  1. So we have a 2 hour downtime longer than that, so any ideas? And before you say "Give IcC Time!" We have!
  2. Go outside and hit your head on a garage or play catch xD
  3. Umm you need to calm down. If you want to play on the servers AT ALL then yes, you do need to give them more time. And before you say you have, whats 2 or more hours to the hundreds of hours gone and still to come that you have played on EMC for.
  4. dont have a garage what about a wall? im playing cod with fellyboy atm
  5. Walls are good...
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  6. Did you REALLY need to make a thread about this? -.-
  7. Hes just desperate, like other people ;)
  8. omg i can't believe you made this thread
  9. What is this "outside"?

    Do you mean the realm where there is a big yellow circle?
  10. i think its that thing out of the "Window"
  11. All I see is my background when I close google chrome.
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  12. and minecraft but they're the only windows i really know, people say "look out the window" so i just minize dunno what they mean
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