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  1. So long ago i got banned and I never memorized or wrote down my EMC website password to log on. I have my password remembered for me when I click the login button but I don't know what my password is at all :I In-game I type /forumpass for my passcode but it says:
    No saved password. Older members of Empire Minecraft will
    not have one saved.
    If no password is saved or you have changed it, please
    request a password reset on the forums.
    So what I'm saying is, could any staff reset my password and give me a new one? I need the passcode for "EMC Shopkeeper" app to see my rupee history. If you do reset my passcode, please notify me about it soon as possible. Thanks for helping.
  2. There's a way to manually reset a password.

    (Forgot password button)
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  3. Oh thanks Jay! Forgot about that button! xD
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  4. Or you could go into your browser settings and access saved passwords and see exactly what it is.
  5. Is there a way to change your password to something you can actually remember instead of some random letter number combo?
  6. In your profile there is a change password option.
  7. Ok thanks! I'll look for it!
  8. In short: Hover your mouse over your name in the upper right corner, a menu should appear. It shows your avatar, name and several options. Click the option "Preferences" or "Privacy".

    You're now in the settings area where you can change all sorts of things. If you check the last (bottom) menu option then you'll see "Password". That's where you can change your current password.

    Warning, warning, warning: Although it makes sense to change it to something which you can easily remember it's still something to reconsider. Because if you use the same password on several websites and that password somehow leaks out due to whatever reason then an attacker could now access a majority of the websites which you frequent.

    Instead it's usually safer to use some kind of password agent program which can help you store different passwords for all the websites you visit.
  9. Thanks! I just use my phone and I don't list the website names to remember the passwords though.
  10. I see that password button and how you can change it but it kinda doesn't help right now since idk the current password. My internet is pretty bad right now so i cant reset my password through my email either. So for now I'm gonna have to wait.