Party in Julie's Bathroom!

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  1. Hop on to smp7 and tp to 14858. We are having a great time in cutejuliew's upstairs bathroom.

    2014-07-27_13.19.59.png 2014-07-27_13.25.03.png 2014-07-27_13.27.01.png 2014-07-27_13.27.55.png 2014-07-27_13.28.37.png
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  2. lol my one eye poking out :p
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  3. 2014-07-27_13.43.31.png King of the Sink ^ 2014-07-27_13.40.51.png
    He want his own bubble. I am not giving it! ^
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  4. I wonder why this never happens in real life... :p
  5. We are all afking well. 2014-07-27_13.45.38.png


    High likes to be above others while afk.
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  6. 2014-07-27_13.58.46.png Julie found a new head :p
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  7. Somebody randomly dropped it ._. So I put it on... party had 14 people in one room at once pretty hilarious.

    Here is more pics.


    Lucky found out where I was hiding.

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  8. The Crew
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  9. lol i am still afk here :p
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  10. Yay Partay!!!
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  11. Lol it is kinda over :p we had a great time afking though
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