[ PARTY ] 1000 Days Old On EMC

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Can you come to the party?

Yes I can! 4 vote(s) 36.4%
No I cant :-( 7 vote(s) 63.6%
  1. 1000th Day Party!
    Becouse I'm almost 1000 days old on EMC Ill give a party!
    I hope a lot of people come, becouse the more people there are, the more fun it is!
    What will we do:


    The First event we are going to do!
    The maze will be more than 1500 blocks big!
    1. A Stack of Diamonds
    2. A Stack of Emeralds
    3. A Stack of Iron

    Drop Party:

    The Second event we are going to do!
    576 diamonds, 896 iron will be dropped!
    Enchanted book ( Siltouch too! ) Will be dropped!
    A beacon, Enchanted Diamond Tools!
    Heads, and a lot more!
    ( Event will take more then 18 minuts becouse there are many drops )


    1. A Stack of Diamonds
    2. A Stack of Emeralds
    3. A Stack of Iron

    1. Maze

    2. Drop Party

    3. Parkour

    Date and Time!

    Event will hapen on the 11th of December at
    Three PM EMC time

    Resident 9320, SMP 4
    Hope to see you there!
  2. sounds awesome!
  3. Thanks, Forget to mention: People that want to donate stuff, send me a PM!
    I am still trying to get Cooked Turkey and some more ores and promo´s to drop.
    Problem is I ran out of rupees so hope people will donate Rupees / Stuff
  4. i probably can't be there :(
    congrats tho :p
  5. you know where you can get promos ;)
  6. I can't go ;-;
  7. Common Guys, we neer à lot more people than this!
    Tel your friends :)
  8. Have fun! :)
  9. Cant Make it. Have fun.
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  10. Just realized this is on a Thursday. Can't make it. :( Have fun though! And congrats!
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