Part 2 Conversion Complete!

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  1. It is's a record of the journey =P
    (Sorry for terrible quality of the pics)

    The glorious box has arrived....
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    All the contents laid out:
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    Ignoramoose reading everything and organizing things while our cat Zoidberg wonders what is going on:
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    My cat has this really bad habit of eating cardboard boxes. I'm sure that Time Warner will be pleased with the condition of their box upon return...
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    Calling support to officially activate the new modem:
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    Leave any cat alone in with a box, and this WILL happen:
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    And the results:
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  2. Wow... I'm really jealous I live in the middle of nowhere and have maybe 50 mb/s?
  3. That.Is.Fast!
  4. See, I have a great router, but my Internet provider is too stingy to provide me with quality stuff.

    0.73 Mb per second download, 10 ping, 0.35 Mb per second upload.

    Yours is just a bit better. :confused:
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  5. I am here with a very bad router (one of those modem/router in one things) and I get this:
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    I wish google fiber would come to where I am.
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  6. I feel sorry for you. mine is almost as bad as yours. and I do agree with you about the google fiber thing, isn't supported here either.
  7. my upload speed it ridiculously slow! plus i'm on wifi across the house so im sure having our crappy modem/router with the pc would be vastly better, but still. Australian internet? Still Copper!!!!
    anyway heres the results
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  8. Still waiting for Comcast to roll through. ;)
  9. Upgraded about 3 months ago... Used to be 2 mbps...
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  10. gotta love my speed! Best Minecraft Servers
  11. WTF I'm on Time Warner and getting a solid belly-flop of 17 down/1 up..

    I have been waiting anxiously for a year for FiOS or GFiber to show up but they aren't pulling through for me :(

    What package did you buy from them, jeez.
  12. I noticed I fixed that, just my stupidity kicking in lol
  13. that, my friend, is why you should live at mcdonalds
  14. next time im there I will do a speed test!
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  15. We had the we went up to 300 with their upgrade everyone in the Greater Austin area scheme.
  16. 50 is like 50 times better than mine!
  17. Got me beat :( nice!

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  18. All I need is a fibre line to PLAN in the Dayton area so that Time Warner can pull their pants up and give me a decent link :(

    Dayton lines are poo in general..