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  1. I would not have named myself Parody if it wasn't for the fact that I write parodies. This is the thread where I am going to post all of my parodies that I write! They're all about PG rated.
  2. I'm going to start with the first one I ever wrote!

    CHEERIOS- Parody of Frozen's "Let It Go"
    By ParodyMaster6

    Verse 1:
    Cereals lie in the market tonight
    But one stands out you'll see
    It's the only tasty breakfast treat
    That's good for you and me

    Take the fluorescent yellow box
    Where the wheaty treat resides
    Cuz i'm watching my weight
    Heaven knows I'm wide

    It's made of grains, so good and whole
    Pour it into your big cereal bowl
    All-natural too, look at the back!
    Nutrition facts!

    Main Verse:
    They lower your cholesterol!
    Watch your blood pressure fall!
    I don't care
    'Bout those other brands!
    And moneywise...
    ...the prices never bothered me anyway.

    Verse 2:
    It's part of a balanced breakfast
    to stay strong and healthy!
    Sure I guess they're a little bland
    but they'll grow on you you'll see!

    There's other types for you to try
    Honey Nut Cheerios ain't a lie
    Commercials for them on TV
    The ones with that bee

    (Main Verse)

    (I did write a third verse for the third part. However, I seem to have lost it. Sorry!)

    And that's that. What did you think? Sorry if it's a bit hard to read. Feedback is appreciated!
  3. Amazing! POST MORE! :D
  4. More's coming! Down the hatch!
    I literally just wrote this five minutes ago. :/
    TOO MANY PROBLEMS- Parody of "Problems" by Ariana Grande? Iggy what's-her-face? I dunno.
    WARNING! "PG" Rating! Mild violence ahead!

    Verse 1
    Hey babe I know that you just left-a
    On a vacation
    You got free-e-e
    But I need you back cuz there are people
    Who I a-think-a
    A-want me

    Just yesterday some guy's hand
    It almost touched me
    I think he probly tried to kill me
    Tried to inject me
    With somethi-i-ing

    Main Verse:
    I need you back
    You protected me, baby
    And I don't have issues
    The world's out to get me!
    (Too many problems without ya)
    I got
    (Too many problems without ya)
    I got
    (Too many problems without ya)
    I got too many, too many problems

    Verse 2:
    I don't know any self-defenses
    Completely helpless
    I'm a foo-oo-ool
    Oh, and our neighbors doing witchcraft
    On my pet bird
    I have proo-o-oof!

    One time I saw him
    Brewing a potion!
    Though all admit that in a first glance
    It looked like he was
    Cooking foo-o-ood

    I've gone to doctors
    They proved I'm not crazy!
    So no need for those meds.
    Besides, they taste icky!
    (Too many problems without ya)
    I got
    (Too many problems without ya)
    I got
    (Too many problems without ya)
    I got too many, too many problems

    I was thinking of doing the rap part, but it would take too long. (I am also a terrible rapper.) Anywho, hope you enjoyed!
  5. I haven't been able to write in a while on account of playing the Super Smash Bros. demo. Lol, I'm addicted. Gonna get back to it ASAP
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  6. Make a parody of the super smash bros brawl theme ;) (if you speak Latin)
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  7. Don't speak Latin (took Spanish instead) but give me a day. I'll have something by tomorrow.
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  8. Well, I figured since I don't know Latin, I might as well just right out the Latin song as what it sounds like in English. The results were... strange, to say the least. Enjoy.


    I'm in a mop
    Thought she was a tree
    And they peed in the potty

    I'm in a mop
    Hee hee hoo
    You in there?
    It's the Wii, it's broken

    Ohhhhh myyyyy Goooood, meeeeee toooooooo!
    Oh God it's Momma, me tooooooo!

    Pets are de-bloomed
    We found you
    And all the people see this water!
    It's Ed!

    Here, oh you saw, it's hell
    So cheating, so, hee hee.
    Where are his eeeevil breads
    We won't rest when alarms

    He'll bring a bottle
    Throw it along
    No pressed bread, and no bread, seeeeeeeeeeee!
  9. It does actually sound pretty much like it, for the most part! It doesn't really make too much sense though :p
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  10. Thanks! It was really hard for it to make even a little bit of sense :)
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  11. Lmao the first two ones had me legit chuckling irl, congratulations.
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  12. Thank you!
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