Parkour on smp1, res No. 432

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Will you visit my res and look for the parkour?

yes, I'll be there in like 5 sec. 1 vote(s) 25.0%
non, this isn't sutch good, as you said 0 vote(s) 0.0%
non, I fail allways at parkurs... 0 vote(s) 0.0%
yes, I'll come later 3 vote(s) 75.0%
ouf.. another parkour?! I hate them 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. Hello Empire,

    I've started creating my parkour like 300 days ago. That time I didn't think, it will get so huge. So I'll explain you my parkour. it is made of seven tests, one rollercoaster and a boat-ride. You get from each test in a other one ( or in the rollercoaster/boat-ride) or if I'm online, I can and will help you ;).

    How do I join the parkour?!

    well that's the easiest think in my parkour. Only go on smp1, do /v 432 and go in the teleport-house.

    Test No. 1:

    The first test is a jump and run. Only jump by running from block to block. Ther are some blocks, on them you will despair, but with the right method, you can do it ;)

    Test No. 2:

    It's a simply climbing act. You only have to climb on ladders and push some trapdoors to the right position.


    Well here is the rollercoaster. There is a selling chest with some minecarts. After your ride on the rollercoaster, you can sell the minecrat withthe same price ( 100r ) back to me, so you will not loose money and me neither.

    Test No. 3:

    This is my favourite test. It's a WipeOut. some piston move blocks, that make a way or block the way. If you have the right timing, you can do it ;)

    Test No. 4:

    Well, how do I describe this one? You go the soulsand. A piston pushes an other soulesand infront of you, so you have a way, that you jump on the new soulsand. You leave the pressureplate, so the block you stand on will disappear. you go to the next pressureplate and another new soulsand comes out of the wall ( look the picture, if you don't understand)

    Test No. 5:

    THis is a dark maze. At the beginning is a pressureplate, that goes to the redstonelamp at the target of the maze, so memorize its position and find the way.


    here is my Boat-Race. Buy one or two boats and drive down hte river. The boats break quickly but you can also swim ;)

    Test No. 6:

    In the test number 6, you have to climb the tower and push the button on its top. now comes water out of the top of the hole and you have to run through it to get to the next tower. there you repeat the samt things, but it will get harder for you...

    Test No. 7:

    Now you go in the prisen, because you are too good in my parkour! :p you have to find the way out of the jail!

    The End?

    Now the parkour ends at the time I'm writing this text after the 7 testt and you have the choice if you want to donate. You can also go in a teleport room, where are teleporters to each test, you did!

    What comes next?!:

    as I said, the parkour is still under construction. THe next test will work with a beacon, I own. I will give you speed I or jumpboost I, I don't bnow yet.

    Can I donate to this awesome parkour?!

    Yes, you can donate! After doing the parkour you can donate or right now, only write in chat /r pay Lukas3226 [amount]. BIG thanks to all donators, all donation over 1k will be added here:

    moneymakerdotcom with 1,3k (thanks ;) )
    TheATAninja with 1k ( thanks ;) )
    Dudelol523 with also 1k ( thank you ;) )
    I'm sorry if I forgot one name, than just PM or post below and I'll add you ;)

    So, that is all from me now. Visit my parkour and leave a comment, Lukas