Parkour Challenge

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  1. There Is Going To Be a Parkour Challenge At My Second Res! It Is Very Hard! The Winner Will Get 10,ooo Rupies!
    Type: /v MAHONEY123 2
    Or: /v +GcParkour

    Starts At 12:35 pm (Eastern Timezone, America)
    Remember To Come!
  2. Y so late? I can't come, Im about to go to bed. Maybe can you have this tommorow morning/afternoon?
  3. Is this EMC Time?
  4. It's not mandatory, but did you get the course approved? Most of the time with hard courses it's best to get staff to take a look at It. It's optional, of course. :)
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  5. He said eastern time u.s. EMC time is exactly eastern time u.s.
  6. I have won the event! Please pay me next time you are on.
  7. I am going to guess network issues would cause you to advertise this event on the forums and every smp an then logout as soon as the event started.
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