Parisco - (Estonan Federation)

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  1. Hello! Parisco is an island outpost town of a wilderness nation called the Estonan Federation. We are located in the SMP9 Wild and are currently looking for new members!

    The town can be reached from town spawn in only 3-4 minutes by nether rail. The town is in close proximity to the city of Maximus (capital of Estona). Currently the town has the following utilities although many more are expected in the future as more people come out and help create new and amazing things!
    - Semi-auto wheat farm
    - Industrial smelter
    - Large community mining system

    Mainly, my goal in creating this thread is to encourage participation in wilderness outposts like this one as they are a very fun way to play the game in Empire Minecraft. Because of the close proximity to town, this outpost provides a good way to gain resources to bring to town to sell and also to meet new friends and townspeople whilst creating an amazing town in the wild!

    Currently, there are many lots available for personal development if you would like (all free:)) as well as a few pre built houses that you may choose from (also for free). The town of Parisco has never had an instance of griefing. The town is always expanding and getting larger.

    If you would like to join, please either PM me and I will send you directions on how to get there using the nether rail, or comment on this thread that you would like to join. With your request to join, please state some specific skills that you can bring to the town.

    Lastly, thank you Empire Minecraft for providing an amazing server to play on!:)
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  2. Bump! Would love for some people to consider coming out and seeing the place :)
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  3. Send a link to this thread out on the main thread
  4. A picture of Parisco from above!
  5. Hi Windasia, You disconnected before I came back on, after looking at this page. I'd like for you to send to me the directions to get to the town. I am thinking I may want to join now, if that's okay?!! I have work tomorrow and probably won't be on until Saturday, unless I get a rain day before then. I also have a location of a temple that I found, that I would like to share with you, if you're interested. Get back with me and I look forward to coming to your outpost and looking around with the potential of building a house there. How many people do you have presently joined to your outpost? I need to get some sleep but we will talk soon. Take care! :)
  6. ps.......Your outpost picture looks quite remarkable, btw! :)
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  7. I can take you out now if youre around
  8. devon699, thanks for the offer but I have to go to bed. I have work tomorrow and have to get up early but I would appreciate you leading me there on Saturday if you are around. We will talk later though. Have a good night and enjoy your playing time. :)
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  9. Hey! Sorry i disconnected, had to finish some homework last night. But yea, for sure you can join! I will be on every night this week until about 11 EMC time (EST) and on some saturday night. If any of these times would work, just let me know. Currently, there are about 4-5 very active members of Estona (Parisco being a smaller town of Estona) with 2-3 active in the town of Parisco. Hopefully I can get you out there soon!
    Thank you so much!!
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  10. New parisco roads being put in place in the new area between Old Parisco and Old Darrowmere! These roads will form city blocks for a new downtown district or Parisco. Looking for people to build office buildings, town hall, skyscraper and stores!
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  11. Bump! New image of Parisco at night:) Some new buildings and buildings-in-progress in the view including a new tree farm and apartment complex. Also, new roads have been put in. Still looking for members!
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  12. Hi! So I have been looking on the forums and saw the Estona thread and loved it! It took me hours and hours but I finally arrived on Maximus! Hope you guys don't mind but I left a message outside city hall (can be taken away very easily). Then I visited the castle and got killed :( so had to make my way from spawn AGAIN. SEVERAL MORE HOURS. Then after looking around Maximus again found the lovely town of Parisco! Again hope you don't mind but I'm using the furnace as I type. So impressed. Is it OK if I build a little fishing lodge on the southeastern coast? Looks very spacious there. I've already made a start but will destroy it if you don't want me here. Many thanks for the pleasure of exploring at least and sorry for being a bit presumptuous. Hopefully you're OK with a new citizen!
  13. Sorry Internets been down in my area for a few weeks, we love new citizens both here and parisco, I should be around more now that I can be online so hope to see you soon
  14. Parisco / Darrowmere is undergoing extensive work and I just completed the shoreline landscaping project. There is a building by Scruff1an that really needs to be moved. Some abandoned buildings were removed.
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