Pardon me gentlemen.... I've been griefed.

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Jer_The_Fox, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. Yes, but looking at the information, it seems like he took the screenshots, logged off and then logged on to find the area griefed. In all seriousness, it looks like he is trying to get false compensation for items he didn't lose on accident. :)
  2. I think you guys are overreacting, i mean, he wont get a refund or something like that since is not on a policy, and if he wanted attention, then give it to the kiddo, he is new anyways....

    ALSO, i take pictures of my houses to!, everyone of them... i mean, why not if it's just pressing f2.

    Don't do statements to incriminate someone with no prooves in your hands. Stop to think before you act.

    Haters gotta hate (nothing else to say.)
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  3. No prooves in our hands? what more than the time on the screenshots, the suspicious hotbar and durability of all the items and XP... idk... im out of teh convo
  4. Yeah lol Was it you trying to frame some1 becaus how would u take before Pics and Most houses in the wild are grifed
  5. Seriously, you are being ignorant.
    lemme explain this, again.

    When you logout your hotbar, inventory, xp levels and location is stored and FREEZED (wich means it wont change) when you LOGIN again, you will have the same hotbar, inventory AND xp levels...
    Also, you can see there is no such thing as "saved screenshot x" log at the chat space when he tooked the 'before' pictures, wich means it was done with no pressure and with time. Then you see the 'after' pics, where you see tons of log messages. Maybe because it was done with the pressure-to-post?

    I think someone need some text interpretation classes.
  6. cohperfield, calm down. I already found the man responsible, and some more of my things. I've moved my materials all the was back to Town - and was ambushed by Jake81201 and his 'crony' matthewscot1 trying to incinerate me with a lava bucket. I won. Anyhow, the pic below is my cobblestone generator, in his residence. My tech and my design!

    Alas, it seems no one will help out, so I'm considering this a moot point. In the future, how would you people like me to handle griefing should it occur again? I've been told that without "before" shots I'll get no help. I tried to find the ones I took and I've been faced with rage and idiocy. So really, what is it that I _should_ have done?

    Pic of the re-possessed generator:
  7. you got told that "before shots wont work"... and have been only 8 days in empire... where u already took before shots of something that suspiciously got griefed right after you took em? (put here any time frame below 8 days obviously) too much of a concidence
  8. Locking thread guys, this is getting out of hand.

    Im sorry we can't do anything about your griefers jeremy2d, but without visual proof of the griefers doing the deed no real action can be taken.
    There is a sticky thread here which shows some screenshots and an example of their outcome.
Thread Status:
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