Pardon me gentlemen.... I've been griefed.

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Jer_The_Fox, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. Hello. I'm bypassing standard protocol in that I haven't introduced myself to the forums yet, but this is a pressing matter. My home, hidden deep in the wild, secured with redstone and some [locking] signs... has been trashed. Raided. Griefed.

    I have some pictures of proof - before and after, as well as the names of the only three people who knew of this house's existence. I put no real money into this home, but the event is a significant loss of my time and effort. Assist me, if you please. :(

    Screenshots follow...

    ^Before_1 - A wall in my home

    ^Same wall. :(

    ^ A Cobble Gen I built. See below.

    Other images can be viewed at the album link -
    The usernames of those who knew of this home are:
    Rockrangumball - ruled out, as he has not been online.
  2. Hi jeremy2d,
    I'm really sorry you lost this house :( i hate all kinds of griefing and stealing and im really sorry bout you.
    In the other hand, i would like to remember you some things:


    Also, i would like to remember you that the correct way to report a griefing is trough a moderator/admin, via pm.

    just look at the right of the homepage ( and there you will see online staff, click on one of it (moderators are better since they have more free time than admins/senior mods) and then start a conversation.

    In the case other griefing happens to you (or anyone) you could go on and post images directly to your thread, easier to see :)

    If you see me online (probably not this days) at smp3 contact me, ill try to give you some mats/tools to recover some things :)

    GoodLuck HaveFun!
  3. Okay, I'll convert the photos to an imgur method. I've attempted to contact an online mod, to no avail. I know the risks of the wild, I just liked being able to actually live near my mine. Per the "correct" way to do things... well, someone is responsible and the rules say they are to be banned. I hope this is not ignored.
  4. This wont be ignored :)

    The rules are clear, but (as far as i see) none of those pictures show prooves of those players grief, they only show griefing prooves , and *as far as i know* there is no such thing as logblock, hawkeye or something of the class to actually proove the griefing.

    From my point of view, it's your word against their's (if they even pronounce).
    *Not saying you are lier or something like that, you get my point...*
  5. Damn. I was hoping that this place would have Blocklog or something - it's rather well advanced to be without such devices. Nuts.
  6. Plugins like logblock, hawkeye, bigbrother and other block loggers are memory eaters and on this server system the need of a plugin like that is little>unexistant, since every player is well adviced about wilderness and also all houses/residences at town are protected by default.
  7. Just be careful about who you tell about your houses in the wild, and even then they could be found by an explorer. Stuff happens. I'd reccomend just working on your lot, then you can control what people can do.
  8. Im sorry to point this out....

    sounds damn amazing to be true... have you noticed your inventory on all the pictures?

    The slots, the items, their durability.. your "XP lvl"... i find it funny I believe the said pictures have been taken the same day, within minutes.

    Perhaps im playing devil's advocate here but.. i just go by facts
  9. Also upgrading to iron supporter and hiding yourself from livemap is a nice idea, since griefers like that tool to find your houses and stuff :(
  10. Fair enough. I know someone didn't find it accidentally, there were no holes in the outer wall... unless the griefer rebuilt everything... At least I still have my diamonds and crafting stuff.

    Question, though... What now? Can I disassemble my house and bring it to the Town? Or will my tampering be misconstrued?
  11. OOOOOH SNAP! YUP your right same hotbar and used percentage of tools I just had to point that out
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  12. Oh wait i lied about hotbar sorry and the usage percentage i was seeeing things :oops:
  13. Sorry, what? The fact that I took pictures frequently is a bad thing? I had only two from the time prior to the incident. I fail to see how you're anything more than a high-class troll, Ranisima. Be you a Diamond Supporter or not, this is a fair bit of skepticism for me to take, considering my loss and attempt to maintain maturity - something oft rare on the internet.
  14. Im sorry, but yeah.. i mean... lets be a bit smarter and think out of the box here... pictures taken the same day / time? doesnt sound like griefing to me, more of a "I want attention" kind of post

    But as i said, i might be wrong, im just pointing out what I see... funny aint it?
  15. I... I don't even.

    Memes and irritability aside, I've been part of Empire for eight days. I don't exactly have a massive history of photos.
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  16. Indeed, i saw that also, i didn't wanted to point it out because remember, griefers don't take a break, it could have happened the same day, OR he logged out at his house and when he camed back it was like that ;)
  17. could of... that i tought too, but remember my OP stated that i might be playing devil's advocate

    Either way Jeremy, if u want some help come to smp3 and look for me, i'll gladly hook you up to get you back on your feet and running
  18. One thing I'm curious about, however, is why you took before pictures of an incident you did not predict?
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  19. I totally oversaw that one crazy! but indeed.. its kinda worrying aint it?
  20. I take lots of pictures of my creations. I never expect them to be greifed, I just like to have them to look at . This could be the same situation. Just to play angel's advocate...
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