Paper + a dollop of superglue = this.

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  1. Is that a cat of some sort? ;D
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  2. It looks really cool. Good job on making it. :)
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  3. Yeah, because cats tooooooootally have wings.
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  4. Is it a self-portrait? :b
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  5. Well, that's just amazing. Did you seriously just sit down and make that?
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  6. Looks like CGI
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  7., thats good!
  8. Wow. That's the only way to describe that. How long did it take you? That is amazing.
  9. Around a month of on-and-off working.
  10. just wowww
  11. Awesome! It looks like a creature from a mod into real life. :)
  12. Well done! It looks really cool and finely build. But please tell me it was a set! You must be a genius, if you came up with the design yourself.
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  13. Highly impressive! Origami master.
    Please sensei, how was this accomplished? Can I too learn, to make such awesomeness?!
  14. You're welcome :)
  15. Awesome! thanks so much for sharing ^^
  16. That's freaking awesome. Talent sure seems like a nice thing
  17. I have seen other people do similar things with paper folded into those triangles but this is just awesome!