Panda's Lets Play Surgeon Simulator

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  1. Um...All aboard the Failboat! Lets just say Surgeon is crossed off my list of possible careers. >.> I also apologize for laughing throughout the whole thing and if I flipped anyone off. The fingers are hard to control.
    Funniest thing I saw all day. xD
  3. Nice work :D
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  4. Lol Thanks guys. I fail so badly and I can't help but laugh. BZZZZZZZZRRRRRRRT "Oh I hope there's nothing important here!"
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  5. Lolwut if i see you in a 50, 000 mile range next time i am going for surgery, god help me i'll call interpol.
  6. This is amazing... :p
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  7. should've used the saw
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  8. Lol, i JUST got this today and recorded an episode, uploading it tomorrow
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  9. xD You should like an expert on the subject.
  10. Round two, three and four! Sorry it's small, I left it to upload while I slept and it errored out so I had to do it again and chose the wrong youtube format and I didn't know until it spend the hour uploading. Also if it seems to jump at random places, I cut out the huge chunks where it was nothing but me repeatedly grabbing stuff.

  11. ._. Enjoy