Pandas do NOT eat ramen!

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  1. After days of researching and cross checking I have come to the undeniable fact that, brace yourself, Pandas do not, in fact, eat Ramen noodels (tm) ! " A panda's diet is 99% bamboo"-Wikipedia. This means, as many of you know, that our respected member PandasEatRamen is a liar! This is a sad, sad day for EMC. You should be ashamed of yourself Panda :(
  2. Frodo was not a man he was a Hobbit, you should be ashamed of yourself Frodomann1.
  3. And you too HylianNinja! A ninja never shows up!
  4. If you are referring to my avatar then let me explain. For those of you who don't know a person from Hyrule is said to be Hylian(not Hyrulean). My chose my gamer tag because I have a black belt in real life and I love The Legend of Zelda series. So when I started playing MC I chose Link for my skin.
  5. shameeeeeeeee.
  6. umm... I don't know why your asking what. I made that as clear as I could.
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  7. Guys guys... lets get back to the issue at hand. WHERE TO FIND AND LYNCH PANDASEATRAMEN!
  8. I must point out that using Wikipdeia for research is not very professional. I hardly doubt they gave a panda the opportunity to eat ramen!
  9. Come on guys, do some research! I found this picture of a panda eating ramen in like a minute, so it must be true!

  10. dark days... :eek:
  11. does this mean im going to get lynched for not being A waffle or even THE Waffle :O. What if my spirit guide is an eggo waffle?
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  12. its a good thing im a Michael Nolan
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  13. But are u Michael>_<Nolan? ^^
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  14. you'll never know...
  15. My first reaction to this was:

    But I will share this: Panda eating ramen. BUT That is not me. My panda is Blue and has a big bushy ferret tail.

    Now I guess excuse me while I go crawl under a rock D:
  16. :D It's ok xD we held a trial. You were found not guilty.
  17. tis the day when pigs do fly!