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  1. Also known as "Why Panda should not attempt art."

    Recently got an Acrylic art set. It came with two little "art boards" and so I had to use one.

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    So after that eye-sore I changed it.

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    I hope to do more and improve. I'm sorry these are so bad.
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  3. ^ polite
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  4. LOL That's my sister. She does this, it's her way of showing she cares.
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  5. Who cares what other people think, you do what makes you feel happy. If painting that was fun, then by all means continue. If not, then you might want to try something else. ;)
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  6. WIP. I dunno where it's going though.
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    Time Out from my stuff to see an Oil painting my husband has been working on.
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  8. "I care about you, so i'm going to rip out your eyeballs and drink them with my milk".

    That's interesting. :p

    On another note; they both look good :p
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  9. Ignoring the "This thread is very old, and in most cases it is rude to "bump" it again. Consider starting a new thread instead."I'ma update :3

    AliceF3 told everyone about Colors! 3d and her 3Ds etc. It took me forever but I finally got the app on my 3ds and I have doodled almost non stop :D

    My Link
    Just be aware I suck at shading and hands.

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  10. But you're amazing at everything else~
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    Gimmie ideas guys :D
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  12. Draw meee~
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  13. Draw my skin in an artsy way :D
    Or a phoenix, bathing in an oasis, wings behind two palm trees, with a sunset off somewhere :)
    (If you succeed at the second one, it may become my avatar :D)
  14. Draw a Dragon
  15. Thanks for the ideas. Will toss them around in my head, some of them may take a bit of practice cause phoenix would look like a chicken in a blender :|

    I did doodle a beach while I was eating lunch. I love everything except the derpy sand dollar :| Watch me doodle it here.
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