Panda's AMA/Re-Intro/Re-Cap-Whatever :)

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  1. Wooo! Forums are actually working for me now! They were out every time I checked from 12am-8am, just decided to go to bed :3 Works now so I'll post this thread.

    Today Sept. 26 marks 6 months I have been on EMC. It's also my birthday :D. I didn't even plan that out or notice that until I was looking at my profile last week.

    EMC has been pretty fun and I'm sure it will only get better as time goes on :). I wasn't sure what to expect when I first joined, I had tried out other servers and felt like I was stuck in a room full of yappy chihuahuas because the admins and mods were more worried about their PVP servers. The chat was constantly full of "WILL U MARRY ME?" "WILL U MARRY ME?" "WILL U MARRY ME?" "WHO WANTS TO MARRY ME AND SHELLY!?" You couldn't get a plot to build your house on unless you sent a request to a Mod/Admin who of course, were never on.

    I came across Minecraftopia and found the link for EMC and joined. I was hooked the first day :). That same day I managed to recruit my sister. We ended up strictly townies at first and built some awesome stuff together. Thanks to the April Fools event where Aikar and iSmooch ripped up my lawn and attracted all of SMP7 to my plot as well as pushing myself to become active on the forums and go to events held, I've met some awesome people. I discovered the LLO and took up the role of "The Lorax" I spoke for the trees, since it seemed our jungle kept being burned down.

    With the good of course there are some bad, Experienced griefing a lot, creepy people harassing me, (Thanks IcC for ending that), finding out there are two sides to some people and I also ended up recruiting my best friend and that turned into a huge bunch of crazy with him ranting about how stupid everything was and how expensive and how he didn't want to build in teh wild because he would be griefed and it wouldn't be fixed etc.. I was pretty upset and thought about leaving but I stuck with EMC :)

    I have met some not-so-awesome people and luckily I've did my best to not get the ban hammer x3

    Anyway I guess I'll go along with everyone else and do an AMA. I would post a "thank you to all my wonderful friends" but I would leave someone out if I named specific names so count yourselves as all my friends.
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  2. Happy 6 months! :D

    Are you really a panda?
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  3. Happy birthday!!!
    So my first question is, what is your first name i have always wondered this and my second question is how many times has the LlO forest been burned down?
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  4. Why the name PandasEatRamen?
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  5. Aww! This turtle is officially accepting that invitation to being your friend. ;)

    Now for my questions;

    Do pandas really eat ramen?
    Do you eat ramen?
    Can I have a panda hug?
    Did you know that my favorite animal is a panda?
    Were you a panda when you first started EMC?
    Who is your favorite author? (Assuming pandas read books.)
    Why did you choose to be a panda on here?

    That's about it. Anyway, happy birthday and congrats on putting up with the crazy EMCers for 6 months. :)
    Of course that means "crazy in a good way"!
  6. Can you give me 50k rupees? Yes or no answer please xD jk.
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  7. Happy birthday to you,
    6th month on EMC too!
    Lawn torn up on aprill fools,
    entire OP is blue!
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  8. My AMA didn't get any responses. :(
  9. Happy 6th months and Happy Birthday
    Q: Donut's Donuts, Love&Peace, your responds to that ?
    here a pic
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  10. Oh wow, I didn't notice. Happy birthday panda!
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  11. Congrats on 6 months! I remember from the start, or whenever I joined! :p

    Do you like Ramen in real life? If so, what flavors!?
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  12. Happy Six months!!! Hope to officially meet you soon!:)
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  13. Happy Birthday Panda! You knows I luvs you!!! :D
    I thought I'd celebrate with this here picture.
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  14. Holy Icecream Cows, let me answer these all at once LOL I didn't think I'd actually get questions.
    Sadly no, I'm a human :( But Panda is my nickname.
    My name is Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz Gumbigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andry Charton-Haymoss Ivanovici Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser III. Not really xD. My first name is Trina, not CaTrina or KaTrina, just Trina :) If I remember correctly two or three times.
    I was trying to come up with a name I liked and I've never been too big of a fan of adding numbers to the ends of names. My nickname is Panda or Pandas and for the longest time all we could afford to eat is Ramen noodles and Pancake mix so I either went by PandasEatRamen or PandasEatPancakes.

    No they don't, in the wild Pandas eat Bamboo, other grasses and occasional small meaty animals. If they're in a Zoo they're fed a diet of bamboo, sugar cane, rice gruel, carrots, apples, and sweet potatoes.

    Yes I eat Ramen :)

    Yes! *Hug*

    No I didn't, I thought it was a Turtle. Or Maybe a bug since your name is Bugmo xD

    When I first joined EMC I went through several skins. I was horrible at making them and I did my best to make them look like me but gave up. I improved etc. Made me in a panda hoodie, then just decided on me in a panda suit like my little Avatar.

    Favorite authors are J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K Rowling, Dr. Seuss. Sometimes it's hard for me to pick a favorite Author and I end up with favorite series. I love Manga too and so since I've only read some series I don't feel like I can adequately say "this author is my favorite" just the series :)

    I'm a panda pretty much everywhere I can be haha. It started back a few years ago when I met a friend who is a Furry. He's a Black Bear. Long story short I chose a Panda....a Blue one to be exact :3

    Lol sadly I don't even have 50K rupees.

    Yes, sady I've only had the instant kind :(. I love Shrimp, Beef, Pork and the Spicy ones. I can't remember if I've had Oriental or the Barbecue and other crazy flavors. I'm not a big chicken person (Chickeneer is an exception, he's pretty cool.) But if I can I usually add things to them like sausage to the pork kind or beef to the beef and I come up with recipes that use Ramen.
  15. haha.. i get mentioned :3

    I also noticed you did my name right with the little "i".. *eyes water*

    Anyways, my question is, how come you do not make more awesome YouTube vids and share them with the community? I enjoyed watching one of you and your sister and someone else (apologies for not remembering, spitting off the top of the dome here) playing The Dropper or whatever its called. It was funny and great. Answer my question....

    please :)
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  17. Congrats on the 6 months here!
    What if a panda mob was released in 1.5?
    Have you listened to my music?
    Do you support anti-politics?
  18. Have you heard of that new TV show LOLWorks?
    Everyone loves cartoons, what is your favorite?
    Do you think Valve can count to 3?
    What do you like on your toast?
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  19. Happy B-day panda. Do you miss Kentucky? What is this you tube video? I also have enjoyed po-folk food. What other po-folk food did you eat. Is this year going as you planed? How will next year be better? If you could travel any where in the U.S. where would it be? Same question but, in the world. What did you watch on tv today? What is humanities biggest achievement?
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  20. Haha, I usually try to get names right. :) Well I haven't really had much chance of making many vids because I haven't really had anyone to do them with. We did The Dropper and it was really fun but soon after my sister ended up getting stuck having to work nearly all the time. I was going to start some survival videos with my friend who was in The Dropper but he stopped talking to me after he flipped out on my sister, husband and I when we would all play together. His laptop then later died.

    Yes I like pie. Pumpkin is my favorite followed by chocolate, Peanutbutter and then cheesecake....well it's called cake but you make it like a pie? It's one of those things like Boston Cream Pie is a cake but called a Pie.

    • If a panda mob was released I'd hope it was a tame one kinda like Sheep and cows. I'd also hope you put a saddle on it and ride it around like Mushu from Mulan xD
    • No I haven't listened yet.
    • I'm not big into politics. There are things each candidate has that I agree with but I hate how people get really violent, argumentative and just plain crazy over politics.
    • Haven't heard of LOLWorks.
    • Hmmm that is a hard one. I really like Adventure Time, used to watch a ton of Ed, Edd and Eddie and Foster's Home.
    • I sometimes wonder if Valve can count to three. It's looking like they can't. Maybe they'll surprise us one day :)
    • Butter and Apple Jelly or Peanut Butter, sometimes cheese.
    • Yes I miss Kentucky. Though there are some similarities with it and North Carolina.
    • The video he's refering to is this. Just rewatched it, there was cursing and it kinda cuts off because we go through a long while of the trees and then I crashed lol. I know there was a lot of laughing and country accents :):
    • At one point besides Ramen or "Po-Folk food" we were living off Treet, Vienna Sausages, Potted meat, canned ravioli, crackers, bread, peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheeses.
    • So far this year hasn't gone as planned but having to deal with it.
    • Hoping next year will be better as far as jobs, money and housing :) Also no surprise baby kitties in my dryer.
    • If I could travel anywhere in the U.S. it would be someplace where I'm comfortable all year round. I hate the heat :(.
    • In the world is another hard one because I wanna go to the UK or an Asian country. Hubby went to Korea and Japan while in the Air Force. Kinda jealous :(.
    • Don't really have tv, just whatever I find to watch online. Today I watched a bit of Adventure Time. Usually end up watching Anime.
    • Hmm. Humanity's biggest achievement...Probably the ability to adapt. Really making me think here :p
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