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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by High_Jacker, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. Hey guys :3 I am about to head off to holiday either today or tommorow so I am looking for 1 person to vote every day for me, and when I return from holiday I will give you all the money I earned from voting plus the diamonds and emeralds. First person to comment on this thread that they want it will get it, so be fast :D
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  2. I might as well vote for ya. 1 (this) account ?

    And how long your holiday will be ? (no net there ?)
  3. Yes, this account :3 And also I am unsure how long I will be away (without net) so I will update this thread when I know (should find out soon)
  4. Wow, generous!
  5. I never bother voting myself xD. Hope you have a nice holiday anyway :)
  6. Leaving my internet know, so please start voting today :) will let you know when I get back so that you can stop voting for me, and I will send you all your rewards :)
  7. Ok. I will try to contact you in a month or so.
  8. I am back officially, so you can stop voting. Will pay next time I go on. :) Thanks heaps!
  9. Ok. it was fun ;)
  10. Paid 5000r (More than it should be, couldnt be bothered adding it all up :p
  11. Ok, thanks, and earned diamonds and emeralds ?
  12. There was not any mail?
  13. Nope, only ones i got on this account were just rewards from my voting.