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  1. This is a double chest of items that I could not sell or had more than enough items to suit me, this chest does include a few used tools but for the most part is full ofoverflow items. It also includes diamonds.

    It includes items like sand, sandstone, fence posts, used diamond tools and swords, diamonds, and other stuff that I couldn't sell fast enough.

    Starting Bid: 150
    Bid increments: 20
    Auction ends: 12 hours after the last bid.
    I will PM winner for pickup times and other info that may be needed :)
    :) Good Luck :)
  2. This type of auction is not allowed. Only rares IE enchanted items/Dragon eggs are allowed to be auctioned.
  3. This doesn't really describe what you are auctioning, possibly upload a picture of the contents?
  4. kk noted and fixed
  5. 300r if I can bid... :D hope...
  6. well that sort of puts this auction out of commision then
  7. its basicly a collection of stuff that i have used on various building and wilderness adventrues. stuff like trapdoors that i had extras of and ladders and other stuff like that. I understand that auctions are meant for rarer stuff but i had the need to get rid of this stuff in somewhat of a hurry, and in what better way than to auction on the website. Sorry, if any fellings or rules were broken, I will decommision this auction immediatly. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.