Over The Garden Wall

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Ever Seen it?

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  1. Over The Garden Wall is all about Wirt and Greg trying to find their way home after getting lost in the mysterious woods called the unknown. On their journey, they meet many really cool characters both hilarious (such as Quinten, the eccentric and insane billionaire and Fred the ultimate troll) to the more mysterious and unnerving such as the woodsman and the beast. The cast of actors are perfect including the actor that played Frodo in The Hobbit. Each character adds their own unique personalities which drive the plot forward. Speaking of the plot, it is full of small Easter eggs, nods to older cartoons, foreshadowing, and twists that completely surprise you but seem perfectly reasonable afterwards. You are thrown into the middle of the story leaving out how they got lost and it really is one of the best twists of the show. While the show is well thought out and great all the way through, as you get closer to the end, things just keep getting better and once you see how they get there, the plight of the two brothers takes on a new, darker meaning. That brings up the next great part of the show. It is able to balance between lighthearted and genuinely unsettling with extreme grace. There are laugh out loud moments (especially with Greg), unsettling scenes, and some parts that might bring out the feels. The characters feel genuine and are built up in a way that really makes them feel real despite the fantasy around them. The show also is entirely self contained and doesn't cliffhanger you at the end. After the last episode, the show is over. The ending is fantastic. The writers give you enough to understand the story but still leave just enough out to provoke some thought which is something I really like from a show. 10 years of development really make this show stand out. It also is a very manageable size. 10 episodes at 10 minutes each takes about 2 hours to finish making it perfect for a quick binge watch. If you have the time, definitely check it out. Personally, this is the best show I have ever seen.

    TL;DR: Watch Over The Garden Wall. You won't be disappointed. The show is absolutely perfect. Don't let the singing frog turn you off of it. Give it a chance and you will see.

    Have you seen the show? Want to discuss it? Post here with anything you think about it.
    The first episode is attached and the rest can be found on Cartoon Network's website and maybe Youtube.
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  5. The show has been nominated for an Emmy. Check it out if you have the time.
  6. I must watch this. Now. Thanks for sharing :)

    Edit: I watched all of this and it is truely amazing.
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  7. If you can't find it, you should be able to get it on Cartoon Network's website for free and I think it is on Hulu.
  8. I love the frog... new favorite show.
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  9. A little bump since Cartoon network will be rerunning all of the shows starting at 8:30 est all week with two each week and the entire thing on Halloween at 4:30 est

    For those wondering, you can catch the first two episodes in 5 minutes on Cartoon Network.

    Also, it won the emmy for best animated program.