over 1 year on emc!

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  1. So, I have been here over a year now, and this is only my 2nd thread. :( Anyway, I am Tinkerbell28, everyone calls me Tink, and AMA. :)
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  2. What was your first build on EMC?
    Who were you first EMC friends?
    What has been the funniest moment? :)
    Congrats on one year! Mines coming up soon too :p
  3. Why do you like tinker bell :confused:
  4. That GIF is awesome.
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  5. First build was my 1st Res with help of ob1bob69.
    Vitiri, Jrlizard, and jwayland were my first emc friends.
    My funniest moment, was my first ever rage quit. It wasn't funny till after I calmed down though. Ob1bob69 then decided to build a creeper prison to make me feel better after being attacked by 5 of them at once.
  6. 1. I like fairies.
    2. Because she has attitude! :)
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  7. :( no one wants to ask me questions
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  8. Beavis OR Butthead?
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  9. Do you think I'm pretty?
    What is your favorite color?
  10. beavis :) & everytime I see the gif in my signature, I think of you and it makes me laugh!
  11. gorgeous!
    and yellow. yellow is the color of happy. it is warm. it makes me feel fuzzy! lol :)
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  12. You might wanna edit your posts instead of double posting :)
    Is sassy smooch sassy enough to have a sass flare?
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  13. sassy smooch is more than sassy enough to have a sass flare!
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