Over 1.3S Ping to EMC servers?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Joshyy, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Is there something major up with the Hosts at the moment? That is the best ping of all 9 servers I could find and it was lagging like a boss earlier. I normally have 450MS ping max.

    I am in the UK.
  2. same for me in in the Netherlands
  3. hmm. im not having this problem though im not sure if ping is good or not i have about 530 ping for smp9 and around 400 for every other server
  4. Were are you located?
  5. Southern USA in Arkansas
  6. It seems to be if your outside the USA.
  7. Possibly i never really notice any lag besides blocks reappearing then disappearing later
  8. i am in ohio and have a VERY bad connection
  9. Ok. Here's what I've learned.

    It is not a routing issue. I have a server on the same data centre as EMC and I get 250MS ping to that one. It's a problem with the server itself.
  10. Mine is 149MS
  11. If i try to login, it costs 10 or more seconds to login.
    Im on smp1, and live in the Netherlands.
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  12. I'm at around 300-400MS for all servers.
  13. I average 3500 ms and sometimes get 550ms < but thats rare but this is because of my Internet Provider not the Host. So it's Prolly your IP service which is causing this
  14. Minecraft times out after 2000MS
  15. lol a month ago I used to get 5,000 ping but I thought it was no big deal so I didn't take a screenshot.
    Now i get 48
  16. Well Im playing above 2000 ms for a long time, sooo
  17. I live in Denmark and I get around 430-450 Only tested on smp5 and smp1 tho :p
  18. Btw before 1.3 the green thing was full, but now its like 1-3 of them there is green

    and I tested again, now I get 800+ on smp5
  19. it seems to be a 1.3 bug.