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  1. What is it like outside. School was closed today. -32 degrees for me.
    Summer I need a hug
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  2. Wow, you really do live your world upside down :p
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  3. You mean where you live, the whole world flipped upside down!!??
  4. What?
  5. It snowed so much not even Gravity could deal with it

    But in all seriousness it looks super cold e.e
    How many times has school been closed? :p
  6. Lol work for me was postponed till 1pm thanks to a tiny bit of ice. Its 35 here...
  7. Do you live in Australia?
  8. They don't cancel school here in Alberta unless its like -45 or unless its not possible to go inside..
  9. Can I borrow some of your snow? We need snow in the Netherlands :p
  10. Like 12 times already. Our Winter Vacation was also extended a week then it was. So we got 3 weeks off for that. (The 2 weeks don't count since those werent really the snows fault.
    :] Yes. I do. I am such an Aussie.
    Oh hail no
  11. but but. YOU LIVE IN LA Los Angeles One of the warmest places...
    We've been getting no snow, only lots of sun... *laughs awkwardly*
  12. Haha, I see what you did there. :cool:
  13. I am in Midland Michigan for 3 years due to my Mom's work. I was born and will go back to LA in 152 days. (Yes I'm counting)
  14. .-. you've never mentioned this before.
    :3 That explains a lot actually.

    Um. I feel so disliked by the rest of the nation. CA is in a drought...
  15. Hate to be mean Brickstrike, but its even snowing here in Florida! Ugh I thought when I moved here I would never see snow again, I guess not...
    They even canceled school for 2 days BEFORE it even started snowing. Dang Floridians :p
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