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  1. Hey everyone,

    I haven't played Minecraft in a good while, and have noticed myself starting to miss it, but whenever I come on I don't know what to occupy myself with, so I decided that I want to join an outpost.

    I was wondering if anyone kind enough or with time on their hands could let me join an outpost and show me whereabouts it is, I thought it would be cool as some of my best memories on here are at outposts with friends.

    cheers :)
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  2. Well, the LLO has existed for almost as long as you've been a member. You should come check it out if you haven't some time in the past :p Here's a link

    Also, welcome back! :D
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  3. Yeah I was wondering if that place still existed, crazy stuff, ill be sure to check it out again :)

    Thankyouu, good to be back :)
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