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  1. First could we have an alliance/ trade/ barter system for the outpost residences from one outpost to another where goods or services can be exchanged so that it would allow for groups that say have a slime farm and another has an ender farm both items are hard to get and are specialized farms/ conditions. I'm proposing to have an outpost market so they can gain new hard to get resources without the trouble
    Second is to put in a voucher to raise the max entities for a player whether that be through the time played or vote streak or even support ranks. to kinda encourage the activities listed
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  2. this can be created by the outpost leaders already and it should be a challenge to get stuff

    as for max entity thing no. and aikar will say the same so will every staff member because it will make emc lag
  3. Ok sorry for bothering you guys then.
  4. u are not bothering us if i sounded rude the i am very sorry my written communication is not the best posting suggestions is the best way to get opinions and many make revisions to make it more user friendly tho this 1 may not be user friendly that does not mean that all will be like that
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  5. How can outpost leaders create a (convenient?) trade system?
    Why only (?) outpost leaders?
  6. My guess is as good as yours but something like this is coming when 'Empires' gets out, this is an upcoming EMC update (to be released after 1.10) which will allow established outpost founders to provide extra perks for that outpost.

    Please note: all of the stuff I'm saying is based on hear-say, rumour and speculation. In some cases my sources are official (Aikar or Krysyy for example) but even then they made it very clear that it was no guarantee that the final update would actually be something like they described.

    Having said that: rumour had it that we might even be able to create "outpost" sections within the outpost, which would allow players to actually teleport to that area. I also heard comments within the same context which might make it possible that we'd get to use shop signs within those regions as well.

    It's most likely that these features would come at a cost (of course), which would probably be tokens.

    Once again: this is all hear-say and gossip ;) It could be something like this, or I could be completely wrong.

    But one thing is sure: once Empires gets released then we are getting more features for established outposts.

    I seriously doubt that this is ever going to happen.

    For 2 reasons: First, as Crazy mentioned above, lag. More entities mean more lag. Second: would this really be necessary?

    If you don't mind me asking: what are you hoping to achieve with this?

    And the reason I ask: have you ever been to the SMP8 PWU (Public Wild Utilities)? If not, check them out: /wild n, on SMP8. If you check out builds such as Pigmentus and Sushi drop you'll notice that you get to kill dozens of mobs. Especially on pigmentus (this is also the reason you're not allowed to go AFK there): there are so many entities that it could potentially delay the entire server (no joke!).

    So I just can't help think of any good reason why the entity rate should be raised even further.

    As such my question: if you're having a problem with something then please let us know, maybe we can help you sort it out and get you more mobs without having to bother staff.

    Don't worry about it! These suggestion forums are made to be used, it's no bother at all! And never underestimate what other things could be discovered when you're discussing a suggestion. It wouldn't be the first time when a suggestion didn't got accepted, but an alternative idea (discovered in the discussion itself) did.
  7. I think the owners of the ouposts could interact with each other already. If you know some other outposts, just tell the members to trade. We don't have to actually implement this, because players can do as they wish. :) Nice suggestion.
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  8. 1 this is completely dependent on the outpost's in question i normal make deal where i transfer a dc of a item and get a certain amount of a item back normal tnt, diamonds or quartz.
    farm sharing,
    and just trading with each other similar to a barter system

    y only leaders: well i have all members of my outpost run deals by me for 1 reason because i do not want 10 or 15 members i do not know showing up at my outpost wanting stuff i do not have or i do not have access to it has caused a lot of drama for us because the members invite friends and do not run it past us then they try trading items we do not have, or do not belong to them. i also hate solving issues about this (happens way 2 much)
  9. As the owner of an outpost I think this already kind of exists. I have done a sugnificant amount of business with my nearby neighbors. Most ourpost have communal farms, and most of the farms are open to everyone. We share a lot fo the farms.
    The wild is a bit of an additional challenge, it should not be diluted by taking out motivation to explore by allowing difficult to aquire items to just be bought wholesale.
    Definately not a bad idea, but just not really necessary on EMC.
    As for the increase in entity limit; It just can't be raised. As crazy_X_gamer said, it is just an issue of server preformance.
    Suggestions are always a good thing, most of the suggestions that have ever been suggested have been shot down for one reason or another. You don't have to appoligise because your idea was not a big hit with those of us who replied.
  10. So for the outpost market I just realized that I forgot to say that it would be a new forum section along with it as it might allow for better/ more frequent communication. but it is already present, still a designated specifically for that trade. also would a forum tag for an outpost leader, say under the name, be out of the question as an identifier.

    Also at this point I don't really notice me apologizing so pay no attention to it.