Outpost Time!

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Noxavis, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. The Outpost will be on SMP8.
    I will be heading out in a few days to find a location, and set up the main base.
    Reply if you want to join.
  2. Question: what's the unique selling point to your outpost? What are you doing differently to other outposts? What's your idea?
  3. >_< You just had to post.. JK
    I don't know.
    Its not built yet, so the first few members would get a hand in building home base.
  4. I'm at an outpost on 2, have my own (sleeping) one on 5, I have reserved 6 for a future outpost of mine, and I think on 8 i'm free :D I'll check in the morning and if i'm available on that server i'll vote for 8.
  5. :D
    1 is Town.
    3 is Crazy1800's Outpost.
    4 is my own alone outpost.
    7 is the LLO.
    and 9 is Penfoldex's outpost.
  6. Actually, I would like to say that SMP5 is not available either.
  7. Lets build an outpost on 8, its probably the most lonely
  8. Looks like the consensus is heading to SMP8, for now.
  9. So, are those definitive "I'll try out this outpost"?
  10. I've decided it will be on smp8. I will head out on the next few days to find a location and set up the main base.
    Post if you would like to join me.