Outpost Teleportation?

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How do I teleport to a wilderness outpost?

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Portal near spawn point 13 vote(s) 81.3%
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  1. Wassup, guys, I'm new to Minecraft by a week or two, but I know most stuff about it. I got on the Empire Minecraft server 4, and when I go to the wilderness, I want to go to a taiga, but it takes too long to walk. I've heard about these outpost portals that will take you far out into the wild in a biome, but I don't know how to teleport there. Assistance plz? Thnx for reading :D
  2. Hi I made this video with helpful tips on EMC it will answer your question.
    But there is also the empire guide to help.
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  3. When you are at the main outpost follow the line of yellow wool to the portals. Each portal is marked with the direction it will take you; all the portals teleport you ten thousand blocks out.

    You could also use nether travel. One block in the nether is equal to eight blocks in the overworld.
  4. Go to the wild (type "/wild"). As you walk out from the North entrance, you'll see a small hut and a walkway leading to it (you don't have to go far - it's directly outside of the spawn building). The hut should have 4 portals on it - one for North, South, East, and West respectively. If you're just looking for an ice-type biome, try the west outpost. If it has to be taiga specifically, you'll have to find one on livemap and walk from one of the outposts.
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  5. WOW I just made this thread!!!! Thnx a lot, guys!! :D
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  6. That is why EMC is an awesome community! :D
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  7. I got one more question. Can you make utility mobs or a Wither in EMC? Thnx
  8. If by utility mob you mean iron golem then yes; and yes, you can summon withers.
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  9. But only in the wild/nether.
  10. You can make iron golems, snow golems, and withers in the wild, but you can't make any of them in town. However, it is possible to have iron golems in town if they spawn naturally due to a large number of villagers.
  11. Great, thnx. It helps :)
  12. Also, use the live map to see what is near the portal you are going to teleport to. If you want a taiga, you can find one on the map and teleport to the nearest portal and then take whatever walk or boat ride is necessary.

    [edit] I guess supereskimo already told you this. :)
  13. Silken, you are a great asset to the community. I have noticed your contributions on this and other threads and just wanted you to know.
  14. Tnx EW just trying to be helpful I know it has brought at least 1 new person to the servers lets hope we get a few more :D
  15. I got the outpost thing covered. But what's that yellow line around a spawn point in the live map? Also, I made my utility mob (snow golem), but it fell into a lava fountain. XD
  16. Anything inside the yellow line is the Periodic Reset Area (PRA). This are can be reset at any point by an admin.
  17. And senior staff. Shaun was doing them recently.
  18. I GOT ANOTHER QUESTION. I accidentally updated my minecraft. Now I can't get in. Am I screwed or not? (O_O)
  19. You'll have to wait for EMC to update. But you shouldn't have to worry about your res being reset in that time.