Our Furry Little Lap Buddies!

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  1. Hey guys, thought it would be cool if we shared photos of our little furry gaming friends. I have a cat who comes to sit on my lap when I'm on the PC and I thought...

    Let's all share our lap buddies!

    Im joking. But seriously, share a photo of your cat, dog, hamster, guinea pig, turtle (omg I love turtles), bird, ferret or rabbit etc.

    This is my boy Nirai (ninja/samurai thus the name) Dont take this wrong, he actually loves me gently massaging his face.

    Feel free to post!


    I tend to annoy him a lot by being a cat and following him around on my hands and knees, constantly meowing at him, pawing at his tail etc. you know... normal cat things.

    OKAY I shall stop nagging. UPLOAD AWAY!
  2. I am not sure if that cat is very, very cute or very, very scary in that picture. xD
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  3. No no XD He's such a joke honestly. Rather normal picture yes?
  4. I like the cat its cute:)
  5. Thank you ^.^
  6. Just curious.. have you taught your cat how to make selfie ? :)
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  7. Hey, we just had a pet thread :p But it doesn't matter, there's nothing wrong with two threads :)
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  8. Here is the cat that always sits on my keyboard, his name is cookie <3 20140813_123148.jpg
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  9. What can I say ;D He only learns from the best!
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  10. Woops :< Didnt know, got bored and I had too many cats pics..
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