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Am i crazy for jioning the army?

Hell yes you are... 6 vote(s) 27.3%
Heck no 16 vote(s) 72.7%
  1. [If you are under tha ge of 13 yoou dont have to anwser this thread] (made it easyer for the staff this time)
    So... hello, everybody... yet again. I am going to be 16 this summer (july 21) from that, approxymately 2 years and i have decided to join the army (hopefully i wont get denied). I just wonder what YOUR plans are for the future... and we have to agree, whatever they are they will be a bit difficult to reach.So yeah... i wonder what your plans are, thx for taking time to anwser/read this. (Yes, i made a typo in the question)
  2. My plan is to go to MIT or Purdue (hopefully Purdue) and get a degree in web development or computer graphics and animation
  3. My life plans are not linear, for example, I may want to do some business or politics related activities while working on my bachelor's degree.
    My life plans are divided into different arcs, as follows.

    • Education
    1. Get GCSEs.
    2. Get A Levels.
    3. Get degree, preferably in economics.
    4. Get bachelor's degree, preferably in economics.
    5. Get master's degree, preferably in economics.
    6. Get PhD, preferably in economics.

    • Business
    1. No clue what I'm going to do. Maybe something related to Bitcoin, maybe finance, maybe start a newspaper. I'll figure out something.

    • Politics
    1. Become a councilor for my local area. Aim to address sectarianism (I live in Northern Ireland), sustainability and the economy. Obliterate all political competition.
    2. Become an MLA in Northern Ireland's regional assembly, with aims much the same as before.
    3. Become an MP. Aim to abolish the army, balance the budget, rebalance NHS spending towards prevention and research, create jobs in building green infrastructure, reform the justice system to make it more rehabilitative, help to establish a United States of Europe, and probably do some other stuff.
    4. Become an MEP. Aim to expand the EU to Turkey, the Balkans, Iceland, and any other European countries. Work to pull Europe out of NATO, and establish an alternative, focused on bringing about peace without the use of military intervention. Get that transatlantic trade agreement done. Work on establishing a United States of Europe. With the help of the US, mobilize the world's democratic nations against the world's repressive governments, including Russia and China, using complete trade blocks and by making it easier for citizens of such countries to emigrate to a participating democracy.
    5. Establish an international organization with the goal of establishing a world federation, based on the principles of liberal democracy.
    6. World domination.
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  4. If the politics/4 would be planned you can ncount on me if it comes to using military intervention
  5. Nonono, no military intervention. We will wage a classy war on our foes, with sanctions greater than you can imagine, and measures to erode their labour pool. It will be swift.
  6. Preferably get a PhD in economics or enter actuarial sciences, but world domination works just as fine. :D
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  7. My ultimate goal is to go into politics, and use my influence to allocate more resources to the space programs of the USA and allied nations, in order to research and carry out the colonization, mining, and terraforming of other planets, alongside research into cloning animals that are extinct/endangered in order to stabilize the global ecosystem, and coming up with plans to deal with situations such as colony rights, religious issues that could arise, and first-contact events. I find that space is a bit of a neglected issue; as such things like nuclear war, an impact similar to the KT Event, collapse of ecosystems, and resource scarcity could spell the end of humanity at the moment.
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  8. I still don't have a set plan for my future, but some career options I have considered are
    • Join the DEA
    • Pilot
    • Air Force pilot
    • Computer Programmer
  9. Design shoes / clothes for big brands
  10. Congrats on your decision to join the army. Its a great career and you can get some great training.
    Im an army guy myself, Feel free to message me if you have any questions or need any help.

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  11. 1) get degree in music theory

    2)Start a Record label and Pirate radio station

    3) Use that radio station to promote going green/world peace

    4) Fake the death of the "alter ego"

    5) move to England. Continue to work on the eco freindly gig.

    6) become music teacher at some school, that has an obsession with that one band (the one I was in)

    Still needs some work, and I almost have number 2 done.
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  12. 1) Finish my PhD till the end of the year
    2) get the black belt either next year or the year after
    3) get a postdoc position in Singapore :)
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  13. I would love to be able to buy one of these:

    Perhaps also I would like to work on one of these:

    Other than that, I think focusing on now is the best thing possible! ;)
  14. I support all of that. The US landed men on the moon on 6 occasions, and that resulted in gains for the world economy in the range of hundreds of billions. You want to fix problems? Take to space.

    We should team up. Would you support my policies? Do you agree with the principles of liberal democracy and cosmopolitanism?
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  15. I love the idea of getting into space more. But I don't think that the government is going to be the answer there. Cheap and easily accessible space travel wont be available to the masses till commercial enterprises make it so.
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  16. Now that you mention space, their are new ways of making sounds, using accelerometers. The concept behind it is that that it can find the earths gravity, and create a X,Y,Z map of space, in witch the instrument/device moves to create sounds. The thing is, what if you remove the gravity, or used the moon as the of gravity? Recording studio in space anyone?


    How would cymbals sound like?
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  17. Personally I wish to be a major CEO that's loaded hehe.
    My backup plans are to become a lawyer or a teacher :p
  18. Gonna start working on a degree in Simulation and Game Development this year. Hopefully nothing ruins that.
  19. Business wise:
    • Finish high school
    • Go to college for the major Architecture and minor general engineering.
    • Finish college going to a firm
    • Build up my credibility
    • Start my own Architecture Firm
    Personal wise
    • Move to Colorado
    • Get married
    • Have kids
    • Own a ranch
    • Have lots of animals.
  20. Maybe not for a decade or two, but to earn the title that is on this cup:
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