Otus's Guitar Covers and Written Songs + Music!

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  1. So I'd like to simply dedicate this thread to all of the guitar covers I post on my instagram and the songs that I write.

    I'll keep ya posted with as many videos as a can, but this is basically where I dump all of my musical things for you guys ;)

    Just note my tone/gear and my guitar playing is not what I have always wanted, but at least it's something!

    First song is Piranha by Exodus, to be honest, it's got a few mistakes and is quite scuffed, but I hope at least 1 person enjoys it :)

  2. in awe at the skill on this unit
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  3. It's just practice everyday I guess lmao. I can do rhythm playing like a machine but when it comes to lead and soloing i gotta take a lot of time to practice it. I dont really consider myself that good though lol.
  4. Bump???????? Oh wait, I'm gonna get called out for wanting attention now, whatever.