Origin Humble Bundle, Too good to be true? Apparently not!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Jakebag, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. https://www.humblebundle.com/ Well I've never heard of this before but to be honest, EA would be the last company I thought would be doing this. I thought it was a scam to begin with because it looked too good to be true, but apparently not! +1 EA for doing this :)
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  2. Nice! Too bad I only want maybe 3 of the games listed on that page, unless you can pick your own bundle.
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  3. I had none of them and got all of them! I was like 'holy crap' I so thought it was a scam and after doing a little bit of research I saw it was legit, cheapest games i've ever got! :D
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  4. I'm only upset at some of the games NEEDING to be Origin over Steam...but beggars can't be choosers. Still a great deal.
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  5. I think I can deal with having to use origin just this one time lol. I was looking to buy BF3 as well when I get my new PC but now I just got it for like 1/3 of the price with a ton of other games too! :D
  6. I didn't know who to give what to because they are mostly american charities so I gave them all the same amount with half going to donations and half going to the 'humble tip'. :) They are also coming up to 1 million in total sales soon.
  7. Bump!
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  8. I'm going to get this soon. Even though half of the games are PC only :p

    I'm getting a PC soon-ish, so I might actually be able to play them! :D
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  9. Okay, so before I don't buy any of these, I can't play any of them on a PS3 correct? I'd need a non-Mac, gaming capable computer?
  10. Some work on mac, but apparently on their list it says on sims works for mac, but i'm not sure because I don't own one :p and no they only work on a PC and not a PS3.
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  11. Oh its practically a scam, as I know have figured out. I can't download any game without it jumping back in the download "percentage wise", and it never finishing. Looked around Google for a fix, and found that they have been having this issue for over two years. Its unfortunate that such a good game (BF3) is made by such an incompetent company. -_-
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  12. I was able to download Bf3 without any troubles (however due to my internet speed it took 8 hours) however thats was just my speed anyone else with a higher speed would have even less troubles
  13. pfft all of you with good internet speeds. My estimate is at 21 hours.
    Also, this is what I am dealing with. http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/8819321.page
  14. Ah yes I know what you mean, I went out around 3 hours ago and left my computer on to download BF3, it was on 50% the time I left, I got back at it's on 27% :mad:
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  15. I'm trying this method right now, hopefully it will work.
  16. The only thing EA seems to be good at is annoying people, and crushing other small companies... -.-
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  17. I've also been told by soul that you should 'upgrade' your origin to the beta version and it downloads fine, trying it now after it has restarted like 3 times. :mad:
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  18. The method that I posted a link to worked, in conjunction with it being in XP SP3 combatibility mode, and I believe beta.
  19. That's a bit odd. Is it for all games in the Humble Bundle?
    Sims 3 downloaded fine for me…(hasn't downloaded anything else yet >.>)
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  20. I only bought it for BF3, but from what I found on Google, its Origin thats the problem, not the game.