Origin Gaming PC Giveaway

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Hardscope, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. This is most likely just spam.
  2. I don't trust it :p
  3. Razer is a legit company. :)
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  4. You should change the link to a direct link to the page.
    What you have there sounds like like a paid click site, which I don't think are allowed.
    *EDIT* Although, on further inspection, it does seem to be the link that Razer themselves used.
    Still suspicious though :confused:
  5. ^This is what I mean, we had a huge problem a few months back where a member kept posting adf.ly links, and they were deleted.
  6. Well this contest is legit so I see no fault in posting that
  7. I didn't mean that, those splur.gy links, I don't think you use the forums for profit like that
  8. Splurgy is a cite for the giveaway. It's not one of those pay for click things
  9. It goes to the razer site http://www.razerzone.com/swiftypc so why not link there instead?
  10. Because if you use that other link you get extra entries. I really want a computer so I need as many entries as I can get
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  11. Ok, I'm sorry then:) I got much problems recently with sites that promised things and before that you had to do something on facebook, for example. After that either your whole fb account gets spammed with a lot messages, or they get to know your fb username and password, by using a fake fb site. So, even when this is real, still watch out people, cause there are not only kind guys on the internet;)
  12. Exactly, don't use the forums for profit.
  13. Its not profit though, in no shape or forum is he getting money, it is just a way for him to boost his odds, however I'd help the OP instead of people who post their own lol.
  14. Entries do have some value however, they are chances to win something of monetary value.
  15. This is legit, Mitch had it in his vid descriptions. Also, I think Jerome does also.
  16. Either way, the chance of me winning is virtually non-existent.
  17. But it's still there ;)