[ORGANIZATION] The Government of Server 8

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  1. CURRENT VOTE: Government Type

    This organization/thread is in no way forcing anything on SMP8, or Empire Minecraft in general. This thread serves as an educational/entertaining place where the citizens of SMP8 can come to view news about their home server, as well as vote for representatives and public projects. Players outside of SMP8 may vote and participate in discussion, as this thread is completely for fun.

    All representatives are voted in by the players of Empire Minecraft, they will vote on the bigger changes to this thread (Change in Government, Projects, Funding, etc.).

    Vice President:

    Representative 1:
    Representative 2:
    Representative 3:
    Representative 4:
    Representative 5:

    Players may donate to the Government of SMP8, to help with public projects, grief relief, and other public needs. If you wish to donate rupees, please PM me first with the amount, once you have received confirmation that I have recorded the donation, you are free to send the rupees.

    Current Bank Account/Transaction History:
    Total Funds: 100,000 R

    Spent on Grief Relief: 0 R
    Spent on Public Projects: 28,000 R
    Donations: 100,000 R from ContributionTeam |

    Future programs SMP8 provides will be listed here.

    (This thread is still currently under development)
  2. First! I did diplomatic :p
  3. Just a question,
    May I become a representative?
    I love SMP8 and this is also my home server.
  4. shouldn't the smp8 president be a potato? ^.^

    that tastes good with a fish u know :p
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  5. You may PM me nominating yourself, and you will be added to the voting when that starts.
  6. We already have that.
  7. I shall vote for diplomatic because i have no idea what monarchy or diplomatic means :p
  8. TYRANNY! Then I can force you all into slavery. *evil laugh*
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  9. I have nominated myself. With all my heart I would love to be Vise President or Representative. Hope I get it. I really really applaud ContributionTeam for this idea.
  10. This is beautiful. ;)

    Although I am currently banned in-game and cannot participate on this account, I may be able to hold a position on one of my alternates. I shall vote momentarily.
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  11. Mmm.

    Have fun.
  12. Our king is fish, our knight is bk, the pet bird is lgb. What more could we need :p
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  13. You are welcome to join :) and when you are unbanned your status will be switched over to your main
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  15. I will accept anarchy, and anarchy alone.

    Actually, I would be alright with Seffychan as our benevolent dictator.
  16. ._. idk if i support smp8 being under leadership
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  17. I vote Kat. That counts. No exceptions. <3 Kat. For everything.
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  18. So, there would of course be a fish king...and a burger king....I mean queen.