Orebuster's Effect on Nether Quartz Ore

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  1. After mining Quartz Ore I have a total of 18 stacks of Quartz ore:

    I proceeded to use the Orebuster Limited Edition Pick to mine the 18 stacks of Nether Quartz Ore and have a total of 993 Quartz Blocks and 3 Flakes = 3975 Flakes:

    18 Stacks is equal to 1152 items. 3975/1152= 3.450520833333333333

    Therefore: The Orebuster Pick increases the Nether Quartz Dust(flake) output by 245.05...% If you were to sell this at Random/Faith's shop price it would increase your profit by 42345 Rupees. At the going rate of 11-12k you would make a profit of 31345-30345r and it would increase the more Quartz you mine.
  2. Pfft, show-off.
    Cries in a corner
  3. These blocks are calling my name. . .Up for sale?
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  4. Sorry :p, I hope to be able to use them soon.
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  5. suddenly faiths shop is full
  6. No, he doesn't buy items, only sells them.
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  7. 31345-60,0oor (The cost of the orebuster) = U ARE LOSING MONEY
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  8. orebuster was 6k.....
  9. Whooops just rememberd :D
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  10. Hurries and vaults all quartz, sees shop is full, *cries*
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