Ore Buster 2000

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  1. Well this is the outcome of an hour or two of mining, then whipping out the ore buster.....
    In the beginning:
    • 2 Stacks of Redstone Ore
    • 2 Stacks of Coal Ore
    • 31 Diamond Ore
    • 4 Lapiz Ore
  2. Bump
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  3. Looks like I'm heading of to utopia wild then.....:p I bought two of them, and might even buy more (One for personal use and one to sell when it gets rare xD)
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  4. Time two around....
    Started with:
    • 72 redstone ore
    • 265 coal ore
    • 5 lapis ore
  5. Well, Samsimx and I mined about 10 stacks of Nether Quartz Ore and we turned out with about a double chest full.:)
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  6. On a large scale, lapis could be a great turn out.
  7. That would be not true. Me and kegan did it also and it takes 16 stacks of ore, or else we did it wrong
  8. Wait.. You mined 256 coal ore, and ended up with that!?
  9. 265*
    and yes :p guess i may have had a bit unlucky although i dont mind since coal is so not rare :p
  10. I used it for a test try on my only 1 diamond ore I had, the outcome was 6 diamonds :D I see a reason now to get to mining again yay!
  11. That was the same response I had lol.
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  12. Nice amount of minerals!
    Also, what texture pack is that?
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  14. I hope you don't mind if I post what I gots.. Not much, but hey! I got some ores! :p
    • 47 Coal ore
    • 56 Redstone ore
    • 6 Lapis Ore

    • 38 Diamond Ore
    The results are! DUNDUNDUNDUND!
  15. Very nice :p, and id rather EVERYONE post their outcomes, its fun to see.
  16. *Goes to buy one :D
  17. Buy 8, that is what i did....
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  18. Edit yours coords! D:
    I would edit out the pic, as it has coords in it that are likely meant to be private:)
  19. Meh. It's not on the same server anyways. So it's fine. :p

  20. Well, I mean, if you want to pay me 48k go right ahead...