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  1. Hello everyone. If you need me to get you almost any material i can get it for you. Just PM me and i will calculate the price and get it for you. Please don't leave ridiculous orders. Payment comes before I go for order. If I can't get you a full order there will be a refund based on the unit price of the item multiplied by how many left required for the order to be completed.

    PM format

    Item needed:
    Suggested price:
    Suggested price per unit:
    Time zone:
    When you need it by:
    Property address:
  2. as said on old forum, keep orders practical!
  3. fyi this is the new forum
  4. IGN: xHaro_Der
    Item needed: Glass
    Quantity: One doublechest
    Suggested price: 2211 Rupees
    Suggested price per unit: 0.64 Rupees
    Time zone: GMT -5 (Eastern Standard Time)
    When you need it by: A few days..? As soon as you can.
    Property address: SMP1 res 1148

    I can't move very much on the price so I understand if you'd rather not take the job.
  5. please put it in a pm
  6. everyone if you have an order keep it in a pm
  7. Oops o.o

    Can you just PM me the response, I'm on a phone so it's kinda hard for me to do..
  8. IGN:jameskim885
    Item needed:Quartz flakes
    Quantity: DC
    Suggested Price:4600
    Price per unit:not sure
    Time Zone:CST
    When u did by:maximum time is a week
    Property address: 8438 smp4
  9. pm plz
  10. oh btw i have several quartz orders right now so im sorry if i cant get it
  11. I can extend ur time to a maximum of 2-3 weeks
  12. please post decent prices because i have to do alot to get this
  13. Wait so Am I getting My Quartz or Not?
  14. IGN: Chascarrillo
    Item needed: Quartz and glass
    Quantity: 10 double chests of each
    Suggested price: 100000 rupees
    Suggested price per unit: ...
    Time zone: Spain
    When you need it by: ASAP
    Property address: 4444
  15. please keep it to pms
  16. ps i already have several quartz and glass orders so i cant get either
  17. IGN: boozle628
    Item needed: wither Skellie heads
    suggested price: 4.5k
    Suggested price per unit: 1.5k
    Time zone: Milwaukee
    When you need it by: any time works.
    Res #: errrrr… smp2. Do /v boozle628.
  18. keep to personal mesages
  19. I suggest changing the first post to make it more obvious.
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  20. no more quartz deals unless your deal has been exepted
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