Opinions? Ideas? Critiques?

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  1. This is a Gala dress I designed for my My Little Pony original character using my BRAND new Wacom tablet. Now I am stuck. What should I do with the dress? Anything I can fix? Perhaps knowing about her will help.

    She plays almost any instrument you can think of

    Any ideas? Opinions? Anything I need to fix? Thanks so much!
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  2. It looks nice, although I don't know how you could improve on it.
  3. I have no ideas but are those Wacom tablets any good? I have been thinking about getting one.
  4. YES. I looooooooooooooove my Wacom tablet. At first, I got very frustrated because it was hard. Now I am sooo pleased with it! I use the Intuos Pro, but you can choose others depending on what you are going to use it for.
  5. Cool :D I will probably get the Pen and Touch Medium. I kinda suck at drawing but it seems like a good tablet to start with. Thanks for the insight!
  6. You change from hard black lines to soft gray lines and back to hard black lines...
    The stand for the pony is shaded but the pony isn't?...
    There's a tiny little white spot at the bottom left of her dress...
    (Sorry if im a bit mean =I)
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