opening a shop and need help with prices

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  1. since i started playing i have been trying to figure out how i can make items to sell to players. i have some items that i need an opinion whether they are too expensive or cheap. Thank you to everyone that helps.

    They are all books

    Luck of Sea 3- 600
    Lure 3- 650
    punch 2- 500
    flame 1- 600
    infinity 1- 600
    fortune 3- 850
    unbreaking 3- 1000
    efficiency 5- 1100
    silk touch 1- 500
    fire aspect 2- 975
    sharpness 5- 1350
    smite 5- 1350
    bane of arthropods 5- 1350
    protection 4- 1000
    projectile protection 4- 1500
    fire protection 4- 900
    feather falling 4- 1700
    respiration 3- 1000
    thorns 3- 1500
    aqua affinity 1- 550
  2. perfect :) well, that's how I would price mine
  3. Luck of Sea 3- 900
    Lure 3- 900
    punch 2- 600
    flame 1- 500
    infinity 1- 720
    fortune 3- 1300
    unbreaking 3- 1800
    efficiency 5- 2000
    silk touch 1- 720
    fire aspect 2- 900
    sharpness 5- 1800
    smite 5- 1000
    bane of arthropods 5- 1000
    protection 4- 1600
    projectile protection 4- 900
    fire protection 4- 900
    feather falling 4- 720
    respiration 3- 1100
    thorns 3- 1500
    aqua affinity 1- 810
    loot 3 - 1800 (this book is gold)

    Some up, some down. These prices are based upon sales at the very successful, and former, Enchanted Mega Mall @ 18252 (closed several months ago). You need to mark up what everyone buys (Unb3, Eff5, Prot4, etc.) and keep the others lower (Smite5, Proj Prot4, Fire Asp.). Don't base it on what a villager is trading for. Multi enchant books ruined the biz of grinding them out - too hard to set up a shop, too many possibilities - worst update ever. Look around for other current shops and remember, there is a difference of having a few books in stock and being known for always being in stock. Good luck :)
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  4. wow thank you both for the help this is huge. yea i plan or restocking each day i have a pretty good amount and are able to get them quick. also do you know which items are in need a lot that aren't very common on shops? i plan on having lots of. cobblestone and more stone. lots of sand and more glass. lots of redstone. diamond and emerald. iron.
  5. Selling nether items is always profitable, if your willing to mine and search try quartz and glowstone. Both get in demand quite quickly, and both sell for outrageous prices once you start selling by the dc.
  6. I agree that the Unbreaking 3, Efficiency 5, Protection 4... always demand a premium, (or they just sell out immediately). When I supplied enchanted books for awhile, I always sold out those even when priced at 2000-2250 each. Looting 3 and sharpness 5 is another 'hot' book. Next being the fortune 3.

    Infinity and silk touch always sold slower for around 750...or less pending on how many I had laying around.
    It was almost always easier (and faster sales) to get unbreaking3, power3 bows and to infinity them myself, and sell them for 1,250.

    What I would recommend, if you will be doing this long-term, is work on getting as many as you can.
    Set your prices but put in only 5 books in each sell chest. See how fast they sell. Adjust price as necessary to get 'steady sales'. You don't want to sell out too fast, nor not be able to sell at all. If you sell for a fair price, and keep stock, at some point players will know who is reliable to keep coming to for their enchanted book needs.

    Be sure to do the chest-hopper-chest shop setup with [slot1] on the shop signs, because putting the item number on the sign does not work for the enchanted books. (aka fill the one sell chest with dirt except for slot 1, then use another chest/hopper to feed books into it).

    Well, hope this helps!
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  7. seriously thank you all for the answers and help. all of them are great points and things i didn't know i will make sure i fix my shop up a bit better and provide those items as much as possible. also thank you for the slot 1 thing because i didn't know it was needed for enchanted books too i thought it was only for horses.
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  8. also is there any way to change where the players land when they come to my shop
  9. There is, although i cant remember it off the top of my head :p
  10. Stand at the point you want them to spawn and type /res tpset :)
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  11. Also, be sure if you have a shop, to tag your res with 'shop'!
    (type in "/res tag" for info how to tag your res... /res tag add +shop)
    That way, when players type in /v +shop, you will be on the list to visit!

    Also +1 for setting your setpoint at your shop. So many players set it elsewhere, and people get frustrated when they don't just come directly into a shop. After all, the easier your shop is to get to, the easier it is for them to spend rupees!
  12. Thank you all you guys for your help. One more thing. When I do the unbreaking 3 book selling with the chest to hopper is not working. On the first chest I put one dirt in each slot except the first one I put an unbreaking 3 book. Than on the cheat that feeds that on I fill it up with unbreaking 3 books. I create this sign. First line empty. Second line 1. Third line 1900. Forth line [SLOT 1]. And when I press enter it breaks and it says it's invalid. Earlier on I would just do a chest and /item info to get the is number place that on the fourth line and it didn't give me a problem. Is that way alright or do I have to use slot way all the books only have one enchanmentt. Thank you all for taking the time to help.
  13. Got it to work I was putting a space that didn't need to be there. Thank you everyone
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