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  1. Well this is kinda...embarassing... its my 661 th day and i realyzed that i never introduced myself...
    So, lets get this over with
    Name: Joseph(prefered as Joe)
    Nationality: Hungarian
    Date of birth: 1998.07.21 12:32 (Age:15)
    Should know about me: I do not like being blamed, or offended for no reason, also i have a short "fuse", alltho i love to help people,and i kinda mimic the Enderman...you shouldnt look into my eyes.
    Occupation(maybe speleld wrong...):Student,9 th grade, studing to become a Brick layer
    Plans:Saving enough money to go to America and become a game designer or a builder

    So...thats it i think so in case you didnt know, now you can, see ya in the next thread!
  2. Welcome to the Empire? :p
  3. 1 and a half years late, but thanks ;)
  4. Welcome to EMC, you old member :D I did not introduce myself until my 501th day.