Oops I broke the site

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Aikar, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. Sorry about that!

    Was trying to install the Calendar system I mentioned I would add - but something went wrong and it took down the site!

    So, I will have to dig deeper before we add the Calendar system, sorry :(
  2. Wondered what was happening...
    At least it's back up now.
    All is forgiven.
  3. And a new joke is born! It is no longer aikar, the destroyer of the economy. It is Aikar, destroyer of websites.
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  4. we need a title system next, untill then i dub thee "Aikar - breaker of things"
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  5. Could put it right under this "Lead Developer" title, imo.
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  6. Maybe with a "Number of things I have broken" counter underneath this secondary title?
  7. This is slightly tangential, but maybe custom titles?
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  8. He just broke the website trying to add one feature and you're suggesting he meddle with it some more?
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  9. A calendar system is marginally more complex than a custom title. :p