Only look if your a stampy 101 fan :)

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  1. ok so i was playing a UHC earlier and my teamate (green) was against choochoosgaming and his friend (red) so much love i thought i should share this since i over hear talk alot in town chat about stampy so enjoy the screenshot :)
  2. I broke the rule :3
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  3. ?
  4. How is your F3 and chat text like that?
    I like it
    Choochoose is a griefer lol..
  5. It's like that in 1.8.
  6. Not for me.
  7. I think he means the text font.
    In that case, it's probably a texture pack.
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  8. resource pack and liteloader mods :)
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  9. ''only look if your a stampy 101 fan'', I dont know who / what stampy 101 is, so I broke the rule :3
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  10. ya im not a fan of stampy so i did it that way