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  1. Hey guys there is this awesome strategy game called 2048.
    The objective is to get a tile with 2048 on it.
    You can get it by colliding tiles with the same number together using the arrow keys on your keyboard.
    My best score is 128.

    Have fun!
  2. 1328 was my best....
    I don't think it's possible to have "fun" with this... :p
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  3. Double Post.
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  4. No, it's the same thread, I just messed up with moving it, the other will dissappear soon I think
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  5. I like this game. I like it very much.
    There are both elements of chance, and those of skill, ergo, engrossing.
    I got to 512, but the difficulty gets exponentially harder :p.
    That's not a possible score...
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  6. How do you start...
    EDIT: Nvm fail didn't see direction :p
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  7. It is :p
    My Score:
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  8. Best score: 2034, I got to a 512 tile. I think that there would be some formula for figuring this out, given that all the numbers that could be made are powers of 2. Lemme try to work on this for a few hours lol.
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  9. Thats a "256" score
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  10. well the 'Score' board says 2208 thats what Choongjae meant in the first place
    Edit: I got the main score board to 5332
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  11. 5392 so far, but I can't seem to break the "512-tile" barrier.

    If it helps anybody, think of it kind of like Tetris - the key is to constantly keep as much clear space as possible.
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  12. The best I've gotten so far is 7488, but that was with some random pattern I tried. I still haven't found a simple algorithm for winning, but I feel like there is one.
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  13. 2048_2.jpg
    The best strategy I've found so far is keeping the highest number in the corner (for me, lower-right, but any corner will do really)
    Every game, the part that kills me is when a low number will spawn into an inaccessible place that blocks movement - in the above game, I was doing just fine until I made the mistake of moving the 1024-tile upwards, and the 4 spawned in. Did my best after that, but... of course, never managed to complete the other tiles.
  14. 2048_3.jpg
    Keeping the highest tile in the corner seems to work pretty well :)
  15. Yeah as soon as you said that.. I had my most successful run reaching 1024.. but just like you.. you cant control where the dumb numbers spawn.. and all you need is one mistake. I think it has less to do with the spot, and more to do with, You know HOW to get something to that spot easier. Less moving. I only have to focus on getting the numbers to move to it, as it is stationary.
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  16. I'm afraid to click because it might be the new flappy birds :eek:
  17. No, this one you can win. :) It doesn't brutally mock you for your efforts.
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  18. *quickly makes 2066 with condescending 'Game Over' messages*

    there we go... thats gold.
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