[Ongoing Event] erosego's "secret" scavenger hunt

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by EroseYT, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Congratulations, Pat2011 for finding the first of many secret chests around my residences.

  2. Good luck to everyone looking for the other chests.
  3. Well I found the one Pat found…
  4. Wait what? Which res is this?
  5. Any of my 4 residences. Right now there are still a secret amount to still be found and I will be adding more every couple days. So that means you should recheck places you already looked and new things I have build recently. :p

    Each secret chest will contain a book telling you that you've won a prize.

    p.s ender pearls may or may not be needed for some
  6. Congratulations Footballian for finding the secret chest #16

    (this chest was not where he found the secret chest)
  7. Congratulations, Jay2a for finding chest #7

    (this chest was not where he found the secret chest)
  8. Wow, I just spent like 25 minutes trying, no success. This is hard
  9. Only 25 minutes, huh? 4 out of 16 taken and I tried for an hour and failed to find a second one!
  10. Still chests with books, but I'm out for the night. Let me know tomorrow if you find one with a book. I'll also remove the old ones tomorrow and make a bunch of new ones to find. Happy hunting :D
  11. I found one :D
  12. found one in the prison but , tiss sad day, it was gotten
  13. What is this?
  14. BTW, I am footballian, just using a friend account.
  15. Love it! Glad to see you still doing these scavenger hunts/hide and seek games erosego. :)
  16. Congratulations, WeirdManaico for finding the secret chest # 3

    (this chest was not where he found the secret chest)
  17. How can you now the chest is special?
  18. A chest will have a written book inside selling you that you won :)