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    Here is the story up to page 30!

    Once upon A Time... There was A pig named stew and his other name was Fifi. Doctor Is a chartreuse Who went To the Pig kisser's And flew into A skyscraper full Of cows and fell of a A ledge several times Then it hit Big diamonds then nfell2009 pancaked and Chinky socks. When I Killed myself yesterday before We had another Ultrablaster that died during the awesome dancebattle Which was On Monday Morning At The Place 12:00 PM BUT!!! (DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNNN) Then Ultimamaxx Got pascal1881 pregnant and he Swam to Carthaga For vacation To have stuff to like play Icehockey canadian style. peoples large bellies Swelled up Like slimes Tied ruari342 to a wall no joke that is stupid Just wait like so imaptiently. Uh why not gobble Up little Bites of Ultimamaxx and Ultimamaxx died before because he was a piggy and noobs like colepuncher are Dumb? cool Ultimamaxx is a liar just kidding colepuncher rules over EMC jk not. Banta wat Did It Was kewl explosion Aphaea became ugly no NyanCat can kill himself he cooks played shouted minecraft is cool said microsoft is Evil So Apple breathtakingly Awkward When You find Your Diamond supporter Exploded There Was A Chicken that Crossed lava Into the Endless Pit for tasty Fried Death And potatos Yum it sand another musical Man Called Yolo He didnt Wash The car so She got Mad and crashed in a plane and finally A angry Bloodra1n Decided that Life will be weird so he Married Pizza Steve and Had A Potato Baby with squirrel The tentacles came out to a rave party so Bloodra1n ate a Pickle and Cried for hours then died. Resurrection then Some cherubic deed was Had To Be full Of sand. The. Crazy Hobo. Was eating more Squirrels As She Died BUT!!!!1111!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 (DUN DUN DUUUUNNNN) Ressurection Happened and testman12345 Cole, please stop double posting... Died Why... :p and Colepuncher Double awesome Tentivley posted thrice Jk and Lied To Aikar about explosions causing dandruff! Aikar Murdered all the tiny sheep because sickness infected their brains. Eventually, all of sheeps Became kewl chairs. ThirstyMoose was posting Evil! -ly snide As he Died NUU was cried out For hours after sunday when 8comimi said TTMOF And RainbowChin Died then Kissed Maxarias On smp6 And Shot Dragonhawk32 with LuckyBow then died. Aikar died because bad SEPTHEKID killed him. maxarias also When went a annoying NathanRP Killed AlexHallon someone Who dramatized colepuncher jk Cole, please follow the rules suggested by the title, it's really uncool... Who cooked hockey Pucks colons When Equinox_boss cryed hourly died said man poseidon Kicked Rainbowpony in To a Cloud PONIES. Squids Ugly Fat Jk Squid s Fat Like supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus Chicken Finchy With squids Punching squids however squids decided that Something Died. Squids Licked The Couch. Squids discombobulate Random... chairs since they ate fried aikar For no mans land Reason because He was A reindeer Who Hated Testman12345 Because He Wouldnt Sing FDNY21 Crappy little Song which Was just Stupid & (Pls let me goto bed!) Bad (Nevah!!!). testman12345 (PLS PLS PLS!) Hated (nope ur trapped in this thread and may never leave) Rainbowpony1000 (You demon!) But (naw ty ;) ) secretly (Yw bb :p) Loved :) FDNY21 AnD (I forgot what I was ment to say) Damn u) I take offense to this. Please don't say things like that. :) I iz sry bb, plz luv me agen PS. I fixd et Ponies (lets get this back on track shall we) But Dun dun dun....
    Pink Took All Of His Her* Awesomeness And! Pooped On Testman12345's new Mouth Guard (well this the end of me for tonight, have fun!) But (nuuu! Fine! Rage quit :( that's the end of me for the night) squids Punched In squid's fat EQUABLE??!!?!!? Oversized Nyan squid Cake Then But testman12345 Died Yet Died Wot? I know I shouldn't And (NO DOUBLE POSTING!!!!) (Shhh was just trying to get the thread back up xD ----------------------------------------------------- Was So Awesome That Awesomeness Was Not Awesome But RainbowPony1000 Ate Poisonous potatoes But She didn't last thirty nanoseconds however yoctometres Heard That Testman123 45 Ate disgusting poop And Smiled :D evily at Deem while when brttmeow sat down on colepuncher eating STEAK and STEAK. (new sentence) TechNinja_42 was finally dying in pie that Ate
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    you noobs