One Step Further

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  1. Hello everyone! I am a new player to this server, and I have to say that it seems well planned out. It definitely makes sense and has a great system to accompany it. I hope this community is worth while! Let us see what may come of this. :D

    Some things about myself:
    My gamer tag is TonicThunder, but I often go by my nickname Tony, which comes from Antonio. I very much enjoy all multimedia generation and have fun being creative. I am also an owner of a community known as Crimson Blades Entertainment, or CBE for short. We are currently a small group, but in time we will be on our way to creating a safe and professional environment for fellow gamers and multimedia artists. Being consistent and taking your time is what I am all about.

    I do hope to make some great friendships here! Well, here I am starting off.
    "One Step Further." -TonicThunder / Tony
  2. Glad to have you! I see you already referred at least one friend :)
  3. Yes I did :D
    Everything is much more fun when a friend is involved. :)
  4. Welcome to the Empire Tony! :)
  5. Thank you. :D
  6. Welcome to our little world of earthly delights =]
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