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  1. Why people hates (aikar) ?

    I know he is a moderator but what he did in his life

    Is he found chuck Norris :D ???
  2. People hate Aikar?
    Have I missed something?
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  3. Its all just a joke really. Its ever since Aikar wanted to bring in some change that people thought would ruin the economy, so they just use that as a long joke and then when something goes wrong its 'blame Aikar!' because he is the dev of EMC and its him just making a mistake of some sorts
  4. We hate him? Did I miss a meeting?
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  5. Yeah bit late Josh...
  6. Not exactly hate but something like this
  7. -PA Gangnam Style?
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  8. Diggin Minecraft Style
  9. We love Aikar! A developer is a tough job and fingers get pointed at them.
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  10. We don't hate him :p
    We just joke with him that he is ruining the economy, but what we really tell is "thanks Aikar, keep up good work!" ;)
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  11. OP= Over powered, all staff members on EMC are over powered. :)
  12. Its just a joke. We love him. He codes everything bossly. :p
  13. But no staff are OP....
    and they can only ban/kick etc, no creative. Thats only for Snr Staff + because they use WorldEdit and other things to help with EMC. Shaunwhite1982 reset the wild spawn areas with //regen
  14. Overpowered in the sense they can kick/ban, but they use their "powers" to help the EMC community, not for selfish acts.
  15. I know and thats what I meant I never said they were selfish...
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  16. We do not hate him! He does a fantastic job! Its just a joke, if there is something wrong with the economy everyone blames aikar :p
  17. i know but im just saying they wont...
  18. Didn't Aikar blow up utopia?
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  19. No, that was IcC :)
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