One of My Personal Favorite MMOs of All Time (Wildstar)

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  1. So, not sure how many of you have heard about it, but one of my top favorite games of all time is Wildstar, a fantasy/sci-fi MMO.

    The game itself just had a ridiculous amount of personality to it, leveling up triggering an 80's action hero to yell out how awesome you are (granted with a bit of profanity) alongside a guitar riff.
    All the classes seem different from their variations in other games and the use to double jumping and dodging can be really fun when in combat that requires it. Lore and backstory is loaded everywhere but optional to those who aren't interested in it. It has a great house building system, along with some fun dungeons to play and from what I've heard a pretty great endgame

    A lot of people compare it to WoW and thats a pretty good comparison. But a lot of things that WoW sometimes struggled in are fixed here. Movement is a lot better and I didn't have to go to an entire forum post on keybinding to figure out how to move better. Yes some of the races can't be certain classes but stat-wise all of them are on the same level. And the game just has this art style and sense of fun, like a mixture of Borderlands, Ratchet and Clank, and World of Warcraft all bundled together.
    The one drawback I've noticed is the somewhat slow start but this can be healed by asserting yourself into these emotional situations that the game puts you in.

    The reason I am coming out like this, preaching it so much, is because otherwise I can't really explain the awesomeness the game is, and I want it to succeed. Currently there aren't many players as it deserves and the company is in trouble unless they can see a huge amount of new players spending money on their content. And even if you don't want to play, still try to spread the word to any MMO junkies you know, since I just really want this game to do better. Oh, and if you were curious on the price

    Free to Play, all the way to the end of the game, only paying for cosmetics and boosters.
  2. Bump of Champions
  3. Played WildStar for a little bit when it first came out... It was, fun. It just didn't keep my interest for too long. The gun play and action combat was enjoyable... But something about Wildstar just made me not want to play it anymore. Maybe I will have to give it a GO again, it has been awhile...

    While we are on the MMO subject - Black Desert Online - Now there is an amazing MMO!
  4. Yeah the game has massively changed since release, what with the "Reloaded" campaign
  5. Do you have a high level character or two on WildStar?
  6. Nah, just got started again with my friends as Exiles, used to though