One month ban

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by IProxWarrior, Sep 11, 2014.

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  1. Just posted a thread to say I'll be back on in a month and if your in smp1 can someone check if my res is still there? I'll be back soon!
  2. Can't you just vote?
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  3. I guess you were IP banned? It doesn't show up on /p. Anyway, I hope to have you back in a month and that you've learned your lesson (whatever it was).
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  4. yea i got ip banned but can you check my res and see if you can visit?
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  6. When banned, everything is reset so you will have nothing when unbanned.
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  7. Did you request the ban, or did you get banned for breaking the rules? If for breaking the rules, you will likely not be coming back for at least a year.
  8. I do not know if you saw, but that post was after my post.

    And I believe that he can still go on TopG and just manually search and vote for the Empire.
  9. Your res does not get reset when temp banned.
  10. Oh ok good and i will vote
  11. huh - /p doesn't even say you're banned.
  12. IP ban
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  13. Why we're u banned & by Who?
  14. Let me summarize the post so no one gets confused. IProxWarrior is wondering if he still has his res since he got temp-ip-banned. IP Bans do not show on /p. And the reason for his banning is not to be discussed here. Also to answer your question, your residence only resets/gets deleted if you get perm-banned. If you are temp banned, it's still your job to vote so it does not reset.
  15. What how does ip ban work i know its probably not allowed but cant you get through it or is that only on some servers. I wouldnt do it but just wondering
  16. The only way is get a new computer, alt account and change your internet and router for a different IP. But it's not worth it to do all that
  17. lol but it would be so much fun:)
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  18. Yes your res is still there. :)
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