One Million Combo Lock

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  1. Hello again EMC,
    Recently, I can across a design, a design that was for a very simple combination lock.
    I then took that that design, and improved and added to it, to create this;
    The Million Combo Lock :)

    A great combination of locks that combine together for 1 Million possible combinations.
    I am quite proud of this design myself, as I am not the most redstone knowledgeable person.

    For those interested, it is at utopia, 5221
  2. I can see someone sitting there for hours trying Every. Single. Combination. (Me.)
    Nice job :D
  3. Thats, I don't know, amazing! :eek:
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  4. What happens when you get the correct combination?
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  5. Wow you should do a game called "CRACK THE CODE".
  6. This is how rl banks should manage their money, 1 million combo lock lol.
  7. It blows up
    Nah, a who line of redstone lamps on the floor will start flashing
  8. Cool
  9. Also, here's a better look at the redstone involved
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  10. Or you can use a locked door.
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  11. Now where would be the fun in that?
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  12. There should be like a super extreme prize if you get the combo ;)
  13. Better yet.
    Rainbow, you could charge 100r at a guess at the combination, 1,000r for 20 guesses. Put half the money in your pocket, half into a prize fund. Whoever figures it out gets the jackpot, then reset the combination. After that comes the steps ???? and profit.
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  14. One word.
  15. hmm, that would have to be entirely supervised by me, also I would have to have it test the combination with a button press, otherwise somebody could pay once, and keep trying, and it's not set up for that atm
  16. Do that, you could make monies ^_^
  17. Or I could download the world to see the combination... :p
  18. Pretty sure rl combination locks are going to be more secure that anything you could build in Minecraft.

    This is pretty cool btw, especially since it looks so compact. Nice job :)
  19. I'll have to figure out how to test it with a button press and then automate the access of it to those who pay.
  20. Why, yes, you could...