ONE HOUR till We Start SMP4 Project 4th Of July Fireworks and TnT Party!

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What Time Slot Would Be Best For You On The 4th of July

Poll closed Jul 2, 2013.
1:00p to 3:00p Est 15 vote(s) 41.7%
3:00p to 5:00p Est 9 vote(s) 25.0%
5:00p to 7:00p Est 12 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. With unanimous vote for changing the Blow up party to the 4th of July... Here is what we are going to do!
    There will be a Huge Grandstand for optimal viewing. We will have a combination TnT/Fireworks party followed by a HUGE Fireworks Display at the finish of our 2 res demolition.

    There is a poll here for your choice of time slots. These are in EST in the US.
    I do NOT know the conversions. Google is your friend. I just need you to tell me what 2 hour increment would work better for you.
    The poll will be open until 12 Midnight Tuesday.
    If you are pushing for a certain slot I suggest you send your friends to the poll.... It will decide the time! ;)
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  2. TNT and fireworks! Nick and I are gonna be busy make different ones tomorrow
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  3. That is Exactly what he said.... LOL
    You bunch of Junkies...:D
  4. :) I might even be giving away some stuff at this demolition! So.... you might want to come and check it out!
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  5. 1 to 3 pm Est is winning.... Get your votes in Quick! :)
  6. If your wanting to vote for a time slot please do so quickly. This is only open until Midnight Tues.... :)
  7. 1 to 3 Pm Est is winning! Get your votes in :)
  8. Do you need more TNT still?
  9. Yes! We are also making MORE amazing fireworks so the Gunpowder supply is gone...
  10. I will see what I can do tomorrow about getting some more gunpowder
  11. For all the Aussies, the time conversion from EST to Sydney time is as follows:

    1-3pm EST on Thursday 4th July = 3-5am Sydney time (Australian East Coast) Tuesday 5th July
    3-5pm EST on Thursday 4th July = 5-7am Sydney time Tuesday 5th July
    5-7pm EST on Thursday 4th July = 7-9am Sydney time Tuesday 5th July

    Perth Time is 3 hours earlier than Sydney and Adelaide time is half an hour earlier than Sydney.

    Hope this is helpful :)
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  12. Ok folks.... we are in the final stretch!

    1 to 3pm Est is winning by ONE vote! If you want this to be different.... You better get voting! :)
  13. Only 7 Hours Left To Cast Your Vote!
    This thing is getting bigger and better by the hour so you don't want to miss it!!!

  14. Who else is coming?
  15. Hey I have about 4 dc of gunpowder... Want to buy all of it?
  16. We have had so many awesome donations! I don't even think we need all we have but I am making it all into TnT cause the Fireworks are already Awesome. :)
    Thank you though...
  17. i have a stack of gun powder if you need probly don't need but if you do ill give you some
  18. Thank You for the offer but I do believe we have enough. I will post if I realize otherwise tomorrow... hows that :)
  19. ok
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  20. Ummmm yeah, R0bbie we are gonna need that gunpowder, so weirdmainiaco how much do you want for it? Can you tell me what red nd set up a sell sign and I will come buy it?