One double chest full of zombie flesh. [AUCTION]

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by OriginalJMB, Sep 26, 2012.


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  1. Hey guys I'm starting a auction for a double full chest of zombie flesh.
    I will start the starting bid at 400r.
    Minimum bid increase of 100r.
    End of the bid will be on October 13, 2012. Let the bid BEGIN!

    *Note biding can be addictive please bid responsibly.
  2. Bid starting at 400r. ⚠
  3. what time in what time zone on october 13?
  4. You need a minimum bid increment buddy. Ask a mod to change it to Minimum Bid Increment 100r
  5. Central Time Sir
  6. I didn't because I dont care how much it goes up sir but ilk leave it for now.
  7. Oddly set up auction, not what we usually see. But i must admit, i LOVE that poll and its options!;) Well done!
  8. Oh ok. :) Just checking.
    Also, 401
  9. We got 401 do we got higher?
  10. 402
  11. We got 402? Ok lol any higher besides 403? Lol?
  12. Ok EVERYONE after this post everybody with be raised by 100r I'm tired of going up 1r...
  13. ⚠ Note: Any more bids going up 1r and the bider that went up 1r a free this post will NOT win the item. So after this post this will start. ⚠
  14. god such alot of typos...
  15. So... Do we have any higher?
  16. You posted the same thing twice :3
  17. Minimum Bid Increment is 100r. Invalid bid.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.